Why Does My Air Mattress Have a Bubble? Top 5 Reasons Explained!

If you are noticing a bubble on your air mattress and wondering what the possible reason for it could be, we believe we have the right answer for it. Firstly though, let us assure you that you are not the only unlucky person on this entire planet facing such a weird issue with your air mattress.

Air mattresses get bubble sometimes, and it is actually a very common and normal phenomenon that takes place. But if you are constantly asking around why does my air mattress have a bubble but failing to get an appropriate answer, then worry no longer!

Our informative article here will wash your worries away and hopefully leave you with a proper solution – fixing that strange anomaly on your bed.

What Causes Bubbles to Form In an Air Mattress?

There can be various causes behind an air mattress getting a bubble. Below are some of the most common causes for such a nuisance.

  • Putting on More Weight than the Capacity

Almost every air mattress has a definite capacity of carrying weight. So, if more weight than the capacity is kept on the air mattress, the item might get deflated and flattened by small, microscopic punctures or stretched seams.

Moreover, the external material of the air mattress might get damaged due to more weight causing internal harm, which may possibly lead to the formation of a bubble within it.

  • Low-Quality Construction

Not every mattress is similar to another in quality. Like every other product found in the market, there is a parameter of good or bad in air mattresses too, which ultimately differs with the price and brand of the product.

Many air mattresses might look very good in quality at first glance, but as the saying goes, you should not simply judge a book by its cover when it comes to mattresses either!

Unfortunately, it is practically virtually impossible to know what the internal components of an air mattress are like when you are first shopping for it. We mean, you can’t possibly start gutting the product to take a peek inside, now, can you?

However, there is one way you can, in fact, examine an air mattress in the market. Seriously, it’s super easy and ingenious. Can’t take a guess yet? Well, hear us out.

Just sit on it. Yup, it’s that easy.

If the air mattress feels weird around certain areas but feels completely fine in other places, the chances are that the internal components have major bubbles. But do note that jumping around from one area to another on a mattress out in public might not be that easy of a task!

  • Unfortunate Shipping Process

Ever wondered why your mattress suddenly started to lose air and form bubbles but seemed completely fine right after purchase? Well, a big reason for that could be damages inflicted upon the mattress during its shipping process.

If your purchased product had been shipped to you in a carton or container-like unit only, the chances are that the mattress had been poked by some sharp corner of the box while it was being shipped to you.

This is the reason why you should always request the manufacturer to ship certain fragile items with a lot of foaming or padding equipped inside the container, or literally whatever it is being transported in.

Although this might actually cost a bit more than usual, you will not at least have to deal with a bubbly air mattress at the end of the day.

  • Regular and Continuous Usage

Even the best air mattresses might show defects like bubble formation if they are used regularly and continuously.

Using a product as fragile as an air mattress (yes, we’re calling an air mattress fragile since it can’t possibly be as durable as its stronger counterpart- a traditional foam mattress) on a daily basis can easily wear it out really quickly.

If you had to take our word for it, please just use an air mattress occasionally. This might actually defeat the entire purpose of even getting an air mattress in the first place, but at least you will not have to deal with premature bubbles within weeks after purchasing the product.

After an air-mattress is constantly used, most probably, the material of the air mattress might get worn out soon, causing bubbles to form as the air enters through it.

  • Inflating with too Much Air

Although this part takes a lot of people back for some reason, know that you can damage your air mattress while actually inflating it in the first place (strange, right?).

The chances of creating bubbles inside the mattress are even higher if you happen to delay inflating the product while literally pumping air into the mattress- i.e., moving around while inflating, pausing and unpausing from time to time, etc.

Is Sleeping on a Bubbled Air Mattress Safe?

While anything that develops a defect in time does seem to be dangerous to be used afterward, the same cannot be said for a bubbled air mattress.

Unless the bubble keeps growing and growing over time or just feels plainly uncomfortable to you when using the product, there is no specific reason for a bubbled air mattress to be dangerous for you or your loved ones.

However, you should not wait around for too long and simply just get your mattress repaired or exchanged in due time.

How to Repair an Air Mattress with a Bubble?

There is a decent possibility that your mattress has way too much air in it when a bubble first appears. This is why the first step you should take when such an anomaly forms is to simply just deflate the product entirely.

At the same time, try to press down on the area the bubble has formed and continue exerting pressure until you feel like the mattress has flattened out completely.

However, note that this method might not work all the time since we can’t assume every bubble to only be a result of over-inflation.

In that case, we think it is wiser to leave the mattress as it is and instead call for a professional to come and check what is wrong with your mattress.

If asking for professional help seems too costly for you, you might want to contact the manufacturer and ask for a refund instead (given that you have a valid reason for requesting a refund in the first place).


So, when you say, why does my air mattress have a bubble, you’ll have your answer now. To summarize this post in a jiffy, it is easy to suffice that there is actually no specific reason why a bubble can appear in your air mattress.

But if such a situation does come up again in the future, we hope you’ll no longer freak out and simply take the best measures stated above instead.

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