What Is the Difference Between King or California King Mattress?

Before buying a bed for my sweet home, I was a bit confused while choosing a specific one between a king and California king-size bed.

So, to make my purchase way too easier, I did research to find out what is the difference between a king or a California king. And finally, I’m quite familiar with these two common types, which I’m going to share with you all.

In a nutshell, you can pick up your desired one by considering nothing but the “length and width” of a bed. King size measures around 76 W x 80 L inches, whereas a California King size comes in a dimension of 72 W x 84 L inches.

As you can see, the king size is a bit bigger in terms of width; on the flip side, California King takes the front position when it comes down to the length.

So, to get detailed information about them, be sure to stay connected with me.

Definition of The King Size

In order to understand the actual length and width of the king-size, think about two identical twin beds coming together in a single bed.

Hands down, it’s the largest one available in the market that covers a surface area of about 6080 sq. in.

“13 by 13-feet” master bedroom is the perfect choice for a standard king-size bed that measures around 76×80 inches. Good to know, a 12 by 10-feet bedroom can be balanced as well.

The king-size bed is perfect for couples and those singles who’re hungry for getting a bigger space to get a night of peaceful sleep.

Benefits of Having The King Size

Using the king size bed has so many advantages, such as:

  • Plus Size

For being larger in size, many people find it comfortable, and that’s why it’s one of the most popular choices amongst users. It lets you get adequate amounts of space so that you can keep on sleeping without dealing with space issues.

On account of its larger capacity, you, your partner, your children, or even your pets can be adjusted to the bed.

  • Covers Space in Bedrooms

If you have a large room and you want to fill the space with a bigger bed, then undoubtedly, you should select the king size bed instead of other options available. Not only it covers your extra space, but it also adds beautification to your entire bedroom.

  • Worldwide Availability

The king size bed or mattresses are widely available almost everywhere around the world. So, there’s no need to worry about finding the beddings of your king-size bed at all.

  • Can Be Divided into Two

Thankfully, a king-size bed can be divided into two sections, allowing users to get enough space to sleep comfortably at night.

  • Drawbacks of the King Size

Alongside the advantages, there are some disadvantages of using this particular bed. These are:

  • Costly

Compared to other options, a king size bed costs an arm and leg. Though it offers plenty of space, the range of price is too much according to me.

  • Space Limitations

You can’t set a king-size bed in a small room or a limited space. So, due to its huge size, you’ll have to struggle a lot adjusting it, or sometimes it’s impossible to set the bed in an average-sized room, what do you think?

Considering the matter, the plus-size makes it awesome, and at the same time, it creates a bit of hassle!

  • Tough to Transport

King size mattress or bed both are difficult to move from one place to another. This happens due to the overweight and the oversize of the beds or mattresses.

So, be sure to think about the transportation system before you buy any king size bed or mattresses.

Definition of the California King Size

The size comes with is a combination of two twin XL-size mattresses put together in a single bed. Indeed, California king-size (western king) is the second-largest one in the bed industry available these days, especially when we talk about calculating the surface area.

Now, the size is required for a couple with two children or pets. The measurement of the California king size is around 72 × 84 inches (W×L). If your height is more than 6-feet, this one is what you need to consider.

Compared to the king size, it’s a bit narrow in width. However, the length it gets definitely makes it bigger than the king.

A 12 by 14-feet master bedroom is ideal for the California king. And luckily, it won’t create any issues even if the size of the room is about 12 by 12-feet.

Benefits of Having the California King Size

Just like my previous bed type, “king-size,” the western king also offers some advantages. These are as follows:

  • Great for Taller Guys

As I’ve said earlier, California king size is a perfect pick for those who’re taller than 6 feet! Yep, taller persons are going to get extra space to always stay in comfort while resting and sleeping.

  • Covers Large Bedroom Space

Like the king-size, the California king also covers plenty of space in your large bedrooms. So, you’re lucky if you want to fill your big-sized room with a single piece of bed.

  • Can Be Divided into Twin XL

Similar to the king size, any couple who has different preferences for sleeping can use the split twin-XL size to get a sound sleep.

  • Drawbacks of the California King Size

Yep, I’m pretty sure that you’re ready to get familiar with the drawbacks of this bed. Like the king-size, using the California king also has a couple of disadvantages. Let’s see:

  • Finding the Beddings Is Hard

Many people complaints about the beddings of the California king size as they are too difficult to find at times. Unlike the king-size, these are not that available in the current market.

Consequently, you have to be very careful when you buy any California king-size mattresses. Because a king-size won’t fit perfectly with the western king.

  • Too Pricey

The thing to be noted, it’s more expensive than the regular king-size bed. So, there is no doubt that you’ll have to break your bank to get this high-end bed in your house.

  • Bulky Size

California size mattresses or beds are too massive and bulky in weight. So, you’ll have to break a sweat when you’re wondering about transferring it from one place to another.

So, What Is the Ideal Size for You?

To be honest, both of the bed sizes are unique in their own way. So, choosing a specific one between the king-size and California king-size bed depends on your requirements.

Listen, if your height is more than 6-feet, having a western king is a must to get the maximum convenience. But if you prioritize the width over length, then the “king-size” really deserves the gold medal!

Talking about the price range, both of these are equipped with an expensive range. But yes, the western king is more costly than the king size.

Final Words

Now you better know what is the difference between king or California king. I’ve tried my best to describe everything about these two popular bed types in this writing, for which you can get your desired one effortlessly.

I’ll suggest thinking again before you move on to the market in order to make a final purchase.

Good Luck!

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