How To Get Urine out of Mattress? Top 6 Essentials Guide!

Before you jump to any conclusions- allow us to let you know that we are in no way judging you for peeing on your mattress. Just kidding, we totally are. Ahem.

But anyway, even if it is not your own doing that messed up the sheets (those innocent pets and their sudden “accidents”) and the mattress beneath, we can tell just how frustrating and, not to mention, how gross it can be to get urine and its stains out of a mattress.

If you don’t know how to get urine out of a mattress but want to cover up on whoever’s bodily mistake it was in no time, then allow us to take the floor here.

Editors Explained About How To Get Urine Out of Mattress?

In this article of ours, we’ll note down all the stuff you can do to get that horrid stench and stain of urine out of your mattress.

Few Words

Just letting you know right away, whether it is your first time dealing with urine in your mattress, or your hundredth time, we’re never turning our backs on you! We’ll be there for you as two peas in a pod! (That pun was totally intended).

Enough with the exaggerations (apologies duly served) and teasing now. Let us dive right into the article and save your (or your child’s/dogs/cats/whoever-has-a-weak-bladder) ass from getting embarrassed, shall we?

Items You Will Need to Get Started on The Cleaning Process

Below are some of the must-have tools you will require to attempt on your Goliath project of cleanliness. Most items are probably already available in your house, so we doubt finding such inventory will leave you broke.

  • A paper towel (or a handful of ‘em)
  • Baking soda
  • White vinegar
  • Plain water
  • A broom or vacuum
  • The determination to stand the stench

While the rest of the items are pretty much available in every household, we sincerely wish you good luck if you lack the final item on the list.

  • Step 1: Remove all Sheets

Although not being the most glamorous moments of your life, having to get urine and its stains out of a mattress is no less than a hero’s work. From having to deal with that god-awful stench to carefully making sure you don’t contaminate anything else in the vicinity, the task will require you to summon your inner-ninja here.

But don’t worry too much about all that right away. Firstly, take baby steps and simply remove all the sheets you have on your bed.

Separate the stained sheets from the clean pillows (that is if the pillows haven’t been ruined too), and dump everything in different laundry baskets. Make sure to not keep other whites or greys with the urine-stained sheets.

  • Step 2: Summon Your Inner “Professor Utonium” and Concoct a Mixture of Vinegar and Water

Firstly, props to you if you remember everyone’s childhood sweetheart “Professor Utonium.” Secondly, get those supplies out on the counter and start off by making a mixture of white vinegar and water in equal ratios.

Since this is the vinegar you will be dealing with, no matter how diluted it may be with the water, make sure to wear gloves on your hands first.

After you are done getting equal amounts of both liquids in a spray bottle, shake the entire bottle up to really get the water and vinegar all mixed up together.

  • Step 3: Just Blot, Don’t Scrub!

Now, this is where things can get a little tricky. If you do not play this right, you can, in fact, risk pushing the urine way further into the mattress (something we doubt you would ever want with a sane mind).

If you do not want to deal with a mattress that reeks of pee for your entire life, take our word for it and use a paper towel or blotting paper to do exactly what the title of this section says- Just blot it!

The reason why we advise you not to scrub the mattress instead (even though scrubbing seems like a much quicker method here) is to prevent the urine from seeping into the inner foams.

  • Step 4: Spray the Mixture All Over the Mattress

Next, all you have to start doing is –take up that spray bottle with the concoction you made and start spraying all over the mattress with it. Make sure to concentrate the mixture the most onto the affected area, as you will want to cover all stains properly.

  • Step 5: Get Baking….Soda (Geez, the Cake Can Wait!)

We totally fooled you there, didn’t we? Ahem. Anyway, while we get that first-hand embarrassment out of the way, you should go get some baking soda for the mattress instead.

You will want to sprinkle a LOT of baking soda all over the urine-affected region. We would suggest you be super generous here, as nothing beats the power of some baking soda when it comes to getting rid of urine from mattresses and all things foamy.

Let the soda sit there for at least a couple of hours at a stretch. We recommend leaving it on the mattress for about 10 hours max, as this timeframe will allow the chemicals in the baking soda to really penetrate through the vinegar and water mixture and attack the bonds of urine (these bonds are responsible for the putrid smell).

  • Step 6: Get Your Broom or Vacuum and Clean Away

Once the hard part is done and over with, all you have to do is clean up the mess you made while trying to, well, clean up that other mess you (or your pet/child) made.

Vacuum or brush off all the baking soda and its remnants from the mattress and from any other surface the powder might have spilled onto.

Getting Dried and Age-Old Urine Out of a Mattress

What’s worse than discovering urine on a mattress? Finding remains of pee that has dried and shriveled up the area for weeks, if not months!

However, getting rid of dried-up urine from a mattress is not as easy as removing the stain of fresh urine. Instead, it actually takes way more time and more supplies to get the cleaning process over with.

The items you will need to clean dried urine from a mattress are –

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Water
  • Paper or cloth towels
  • A spray bottle
  • Liquid detergent
  • Gloves
  • Get Rid of the Sheets

Similar to treating any urine-affected mattress, you will want to take off the sheets and pillows from the bed as well.

  • Dilute Hydrogen Peroxide with Water and Start Spraying

It is recommended that you dilute one part of hydrogen peroxide with two parts plain water to clean up dried urine from mattresses. This solution is strong enough to penetrate through the dried urine bonds and get rid of all stench, stains, and remains.

  • Blot with Paper Towels Before Using Detergent

Simply put, all you have to do is blot the area away with towels and spray it with liquid detergent to create a nice fragrance to mask the pee stench away.


So, do you finally know how to get urine out of the mattress, or should we assist you further? We hope you found this article very helpful to your dire circumstances and that you now know just how to cover up on those sudden pet and child accidents on the bedding!

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