Best Sprays for Bed Bugs In 2022 [Expert Recommended]

Picture yourself sleeping comfortably but waking up to itchy red spots all over your back. You’ve probably got a bed bug infestation, and you need to get rid of them immediately. Use the best sprays for bed bugs to eradicate this annoyingly persistent swarm.

These insects breed rapidly and can live in your mattresses, curtains, and couches for months without a meal. If you don’t nip them in the bud, say hello to tons of rashes and an uncontrollable infestation. Lucky for you, we’ve got a lineup of the best solutions available.


How Do I Know If I Have Bed Bugs?

Many people don’t even realize their beds have an infestation until the signs reach extremes. The first step in exterminating bed bugs is identifying they’re there. Here are the telltale signs.

  • Itchy Red Bite Marks

These are the most common symptom of an infestation in your bed. These might look like mosquito bites, but you can never be too sure. Bed bugs especially bite on the arms and other uncovered body parts.

  • An Intense Musty Smell

It is another dead giveaway. If your bed and closets smell like old motel rooms, you’d better inspect them immediately. These insects release pheromones that you’ll notice, especially when they’re dwelling in huge numbers.

  • Bloodstains

Of course, these are some of the easier signs to notice. Unlike fleas, bed bugs leave a little spot of blood on your mattress after they’ve sucked your blood. These silent vampires aren’t the most subtle since they leave little rusty-brown spots on the mattress.

  • Wrapping Up

The moment you notice any of these identifying signs, take a flashlight and a magnifying glass. Strip the bed of the mattress and the box spring and check the corners thoroughly. If you see bloodstains and shed exoskeletons, you probably have an infestation.

How Do Bed Bug Sprays Work?

Most bed bug sprays nowadays do a great job of getting rid of these pesky little bloodsuckers. However, they’re often only semi-effective, and a single application might not work like magic. But the problem is because bed bugs are resilient, even though sprays are strong.

  • Instant-Kill Formula

Unless the bed bug comes into direct contact with the pesticide, most of these sprays will be ineffective. Some of them will still kill the bed bug without contact, but the problem with those is that they’re extremely toxic even to humans.

  • Where to Apply?

And while these pests don’t fly, they can crawl. As soon as they smell any toxic element nearby, they burrow in deeper into the mattress or fabric they’ve infested. If there’s no escape inside, they’ll crawl across the room over to something else. Apply anywhere you suspect the bugs might be hiding.

  • Choose Wisely

None of this goes to say that these sprays don’t work; they do, and pretty well too. The thing is, you have to use them smartly. Of course, some of them don’t kill off the eggs and larvae, but it’s up to you to choose the better spray.

While getting any of these liquids and before applying them, make sure they won’t harm your children and pets. Spray directly onto the bugs but try not to soak the mattress.

Best Sprays For Bed Bugs Reviews In January 2021 [Recommended]

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s look at some of the best products on the market. These sprays can be in a liquid or powder form, and some are natural while others are more toxic. Whatever your preference, there’s a great product for you on this list.

  1. Bed Bug Killer by EcoRaider 16 oz, Fast and Sure Kill

Since you’ll need to apply a lot of pesticides to kill all the bed bugs, there’s always a chance you might end up breathing in some of them. This one makes sure you and your family remain safe from toxic fumes with its selective formula that only attacks invertebrates (like those bed bugs).

Just because it’s safe doesn’t mean it’s a weak spray. This formula kills all stages of bugs, including eggs. That’s a big upside, given how many competitors only kill adult bugs. But this one makes sure there isn’t even one left.

And some bugs just don’t quit. After a few attempts at killing them, they become resistant to the sprays. But the EcoRaider is unforgiving and will hunt all of them down. It acts fast, too, so all you need to do is apply it properly.

The problem with products like these is that they can end up harming the environment. But this thing is eco-friendly and uses only natural ingredients. All of it is biodegradable too. But it still paralyzes the bugs’ nervous systems and kills on contact.

  • Selectively kills invertebrate insects
  • Eradicates all stages, including eggs
  • Works even on resistant bugs
  • Eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Non-toxic to humans
  • The instruction label is in German
  • Has a strong odor

Short Verdict

This formula only attacks invertebrates, like the bed bugs in your home. It’s safe for humans and pets.

  1. HARRIS Bed Bug Killer –  Toughest Liquid Spray

One common problem with bed bug sprays is that the bugs sometimes grow resistant to the formulas. No matter how much you try, they just don’t seem to budge. This item is your solution because it can kill even the most resistant kinds of bed bugs (even the ones pyrethroid can’t kill).

If you manage to hit them in the face with spray, you’ll instantly knock down the bugs. It kills on contact, but that’s not its only strength. The formula has a residual effect of up to 16 weeks from the first application.

Of course, you’d want to spray regularly in-between as well. The quick-to-kill action and long-lasting efficacy of this spray help it stand out in the sea of competitors. And even with its odorless concoction, it can kill the eggs as well as the adult pests.

The product has registration under the EPA regulations, and you can confidently use it in homes with pets and kids. We recommend spraying from a distance of 8 to 10 inches and only on the mattress seams and headboard. Try not to apply directly on clothing or pillows to be safe.

  • Kills even resistant bed bugs
  • Residual effect up to 16 weeks
  • Quick action
  • EPA registered
  • Odorless formula
  • Low-quality spray nozzle
  • Not the most economical choice

Short Verdict

Since bed bugs are notorious for growing resistant to sprays, you need something that gets the job done. The Harris spray is tough and can eliminate even pyrethroid-resistant bugs.

  1. Hot Shot 96441 – Bed Bug Home Insect Killer

Don’t you hate it when you stain your bed frame and mattresses after a  bed bug treatment? Since most of these liquids are abrasive to some extent, it’s not surprising. But the Hot Shot spray makes sure your bedroom looks just as pretty as it did before you got rid of that infestation.

The formula is water-based, which means it’s pretty easy to wash off. If you get some on your hands, rinse with water for a clean-up. And the formula doesn’t smell bad; it’s completely odorless. You’ll appreciate the lack of smell when you compare it with smelly competitors.

Whether the bugs are just eggs or fully-grown adults, you can spray them and not worry about it. They’ll be gone in a matter of days. Additionally, you can kill mites and fleas with this 32-ounce pesticide bottle.

Application is a key part of the whole process; don’t forget that. You’ll want to treat your mattresses and beds lined up with the bed bugs’ growth cycle. So, every time they’re ready to breed, you can stop them effectively. Remember to dampen the surfaces but not saturate them.

  • Zero stainings on treated surfaces
  • Odorless water-based formula
  • Easy to wash off
  • Kills eggs and adults
  • Also eradicates fleas and mites
  • Requires extra heat for effective results
  • Bed bugs can grow resistant

Short Verdict

While bed bug sprays have gotten better over time, many still stain the treated surfaces. But this product leaves the outer aesthetic of any mattress or bed untouched.

  1. EcoRaider Bed Bug Killer Spray – Green + Non-toxic

We all need to conserve the environment and the smallest efforts matter. Turns out you can do that and still get rid of bed bugs just as effectively. All it takes is choosing the perfect eco-friendly formula that doesn’t compromise on efficacy. And that’s exactly what you get in this EcoRaider spray.

The manufacturers have used all-natural ingredients in concocting this liquid. These natural insecticidal compounds work just as well as synthesized ones, if not better. The plus side is that it’s completely safe for humans in normal doses (as long as you’re not intentionally sniffing it).

This detergent-like formula attacks only invertebrates, so you and your pets will be perfectly fine. It blocks the neural receptors and motor nerves in the bugs on contact, and the mortality is almost instant. Surprisingly for something this organic, it also has a decent residual effect.

Unlike other natural variants of this type of item, this spray’s effects last for about two weeks after the initial application. You can switch up the timing patterns of spraying for better results. An independent study by Rutgers University published 100% bed bug mortality results, in case you had doubts.

  • All-natural formula
  • Lasting effect up to 2 weeks
  • Doesn’t affect vertebrates
  • 100% insect mortality rate
  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • Low concentration
  • Bugs grow resistant quickly

Short Verdict

Playing a part in keeping the environment safe is a collective effort. With this formula, you’re using natural ingredients collected organically without compromising its efficacy.

  1. Proof Bed Bug & Dust Mite Killer

Some infestations are just uncontrollable; if that’s your case, you need a sure-shot solution. The bed bugs need to go away, putting all the other factors aside. And that’s what Proof delivers with a money-back guarantee if it fails.

We can confidently assure you that it won’t fail, though. You can rest without worry tonight. If not tonight, your sleep will be sound within two weeks. That’s because that’s the longest it could take this formula to defeat all of the bed bugs in your room.

Here’s the surprising part: even with the huge claims, this is a natural formula. That’s right; there are no synthetic ingredients in this spray. It incorporates Neem extracts into the water-based solution, and the Indian herb doesn’t fail to perform.

You can spray the areas you want to treat and leave them in a closed-off room for four hours. Then, you’ll want to wipe down the surfaces after airing out the room. Every egg, nymph, and adult bed bug should be gone within two weeks of continuing effect.

  • Extremely powerful formula
  • Kills on contact
  • Keeps working for two weeks
  • Uses Neem extracts
  • Completely safe around pets and kids
  • Smells really, really bad
  • Nothing else we could find

Short Verdict

If your house has a bed bug infestation and nothing else is helping, you need the most powerful solution. That’s where this formula comes in, guaranteed to end the problem.

  1. MDX concepts Bed Bug Killer, Peppermint Oil

The last spray is strong, sure, but it smells like death. Not everyone can endure that kind of stench in their house for a couple of weeks, but you probably still want the same kind of strength. That’s when you might want to consider this item; it doesn’t stink, leaves no stains, and is still pretty heavy-handed.

Thanks to the natural ingredients the manufacturers use, this formula is pretty friendly to the nose. It’s okay to breathe some of it in, too ( but not on purpose, please). The essential oils in it ensure a pleasant aroma lurking after application.

While you want something strong, you wouldn’t want it to burn off your bed frame’s furnish. And some sprays even stain the mattresses with dark patches. However, this particular item avoids that issue. You can confidently use it on any surface without the worry of stains.

Of course, this is a pretty safe bed bug killer, but that doesn’t make it any less effective in what it’s supposed to do. It kills the bugs instantly on contact, whether it’s larvae, eggs, or fully grown ones. Almost all the species fall under the target range.

  • Industry-standard strength
  • Leaves no pungent odor
  • Doesn’t stain any treated surfaces
  • Contains essential oils
  • Pleasant aromatic formula
  • Slightly overpriced
  • Not suitable around asthma patients

Short Verdict

Even the strongest sprays might leave an unbearable smell after application. However, this one combines a highly effective formula with the pleasant aroma of essential oils.

  1. Bed Bug Killer & Dust Mite Spray – Natural Non-Toxic Repellent Treatment

Just because you’ve sprayed your bed with a bed bug killer doesn’t mean you’ll stop sleeping there. But a lot of the products on the market can cause skin irritation, which means you won’t sleep well. However, with Eco Defense, you won’t get any rashes or itches; you won’t even notice it’s there.

The solution still keeps doing its job, though. It’ll kill most of the eggs, adult, and growing bugs silently. As soon as they make contact with the treated surfaces, they’re gone. And the company measures the concentration and amount in the bottle for economical usage.

This thing isn’t a petroleum-based liquid; it’s water-soluble. The molecular structure essentially means that it’s easy to wash off when needed and uses only renewable sources for its ingredients. All of the components come from organic agricultural, marine, and forestry sources.

What matters, in the end, is if the spray works or not. And it does! It will get rid of the infestation relatively quickly without any issues. There’s no noticeable smell or staining, which is also pretty important to most customers.

  • Doesn’t cause skin irritation
  • Uses organically-sources ingredients
  • Easy-to-wash formula
  • Zero stainings
  • Economic quantity in the bottle
  • Less effective on certain species
  • Takes too long to work

Short Verdict

Many bed bug sprays can irritate your skin, which makes sleeping soundly tough. However, this spray’s organic formula doesn’t affect your skin, and it’s comfortable on physical contact.

  1. Ortho Home Defense – Action Bed Bug Killer

A bed bug spray doesn’t necessarily need to do just one job; it’s a bonus if it can eradicate more than one kind of bug. Your dog probably has fleas or brown dog ticks. If the spray can kill those too, life just becomes easier. And this Ortho spray can keep your dog comfortable too.

While dogs have different fleas than bed bugs, you can still attack them with this liquid. It only affects invertebrates, and you and your dog are safe from it. But the fleas and ticks will feel the heat. You might still want to talk to the vet to ask if you should use it.

Whatever the extent of your bug problem may be, this spray will take care of it. You can apply it for spot treatment on the mattress seams and specific areas. And if you’re traveling with an infestation at home, it’s best to apply some inside your luggage.

This formula is relatively quick to start working, and effects last a decent while too. One great thing is that it can kill even parathyroid-resistant bugs. So, it’s a good bet that you’ll be happy with the results.

  • Can kill dog fleas and ticks
  • Hunts even resistant bugs
  • Effects last decently long
  • Acts quickly
  • Good for spot treatment
  • Bed bugs might return later
  • Requires direct application

Short Verdict

If your dog has fleas alongside a bed bug problem in your house, you’ll want something that kills both. This spray is the solution.

  1. Bedlam Plus Bed Bug Aerosol

If there’s a bed bug problem, there’s no way around killing them. But if you can stop the eggs from hatching in the future completely, you’ve got a guaranteed escape from the nightmare. The great thing about this item is that it blocks egg growth and effectively makes sure no eggs hatch later.

Of course, this formula is pretty hardcore. But that comes with a downside; there might be some staining after application. If any treated surface is water-safe, it won’t get any stains. However, if you’re not sure, spray just a small amount beforehand to check if there are any marks or spots.

But the staining issue might give you an idea about how well this spray works. Choose virtually any area with bed bugs and spray it liberally. Your bed, mattress, rug, closet, and even the floorboards under the rug will be bug-free in a couple of weeks.

The formula paralyzes the insects’ nervous system and kills them in a matter of seconds. Even if you have resistant strains of bed bugs that didn’t die the last time you tried, they’ll buzz off this time. Apply in cycles for two to three weeks, and you’re good.

  • Stops eggs from hatching later
  • Works on any surface
  • Strong formula
  • Paralyzes before killing
  • Effects last several weeks
  • Stains non-water-safe surfaces
  • Requires heavy application

Short Verdict

It’s always a good idea to nip an infestation in the bud. This formula stops eggs from hatching anytime in the future, alongside killing adults and larvae.

  1. Rockwell Labs CXID032 Cimexa Dust Insecticide

Bed bugs aren’t the only vermin you have to deal with in your household. There are always some roaches, mites, fleas, and even ants lurking in the corners. And an all-in-one solution might not be the worst idea. Well, Rockwell has the perfect spray to get rid of all of these uninvited guests.

The liquid, once sprayed, dehydrates and quickly kills insects in a matter of minutes. It has a water-resistant nature, but if you’re applying in highly humid areas, it’ll absorb some moisture to keep working. And stored under ideal conditions, it has a shelf-life of ten years.

This bed bug spray works most suitably in cracks, crevices, and tough spots you might want to treat. It’s especially useful in the kitchen and storage rooms, but you’ll find it great for average use too. Even sprayed on beds, it doesn’t hesitate to kill bed bugs and eggs.

Given the wide range of insects, it can hunt, it’s not surprising that even pyrethroid-resistant bugs succumb to it. However, it has a low toxicity level and is favorable in green-zone programs too. It’s eco-friendly but hates bugs.

  • Kills a wide range of vermin
  • Moisture resistant but can adapt
  • Has a long shelf-life
  • Best for cracks and crevices
  • Eco-friendly formulation
  • May exacerbate respiratory problems
  • Spiders may not die

Short Verdict

Most people have vermins other than bed bugs at home, too; ants, mites, fleas, and roaches are just some of them. This item kills all of them.

  1. Tempo SC Ultra 32ml bottle

The last item did a great job of killing all kinds of pests, but this one does it better. It’s a small bottle, but that’s all you’re going to need. This 32ml bottle of liquid death, mixed with two gallons of water, clears up a whole barnyard of unwanted vermin. And it leaves no bed bugs behind.

Try to be careful when you handle this stuff, just a disclaimer. One drop can kill a tarantula before you can say, “look out!” Accidentally getting some in your mouth isn’t the best way to go. It’s extremely concentrated and needs a heavy water dilution.

That said, there’s no chance you’re going to see a bed bug anywhere near your house in a couple of years after you’ve used this. One spray and all your itchy troubles are gone. Maybe spray some more every week for a month just to be sure, though.

You’ve probably guessed by now, but this thing can kill any bed bug. Even the most resistant type is going down in pain. And you can treat your house or barn for any other kind of pest infestation if you need.

  • Heavily concentrated
  • Can kill any bug
  • Great value for money
  • Safe for asthma patients
  • Pet-friendly formula
  • Extremely dangerous if ingested
  • We didn’t find any

Short Verdict

Almost all the other sprays come in a diluted form of their essential components. This one is an exceptional product that comes in a highly concentrated form and can kill any vermin.

  1. HARRIS Bed Bug Killer, Liquid Spray

Anyone with pets at home knows that they love to lick everything. It’s adorable, but it can be a bit of a problem at times too. Suppose you’ve sprayed bed bug killer all over the house, but your dog licks some of it; it can get sick. This formula doesn’t start working till it dries to avoid accidents.

Hours after the initial application, you won’t even notice that the spray was there. It dries up, and that’s exactly when it does its job best. Its residue kills bed bugs on contact, larvae included. It also kills fleas to add a cherry on top.

Bed bugs don’t just affect the obvious areas; you can find them even in the house’s secluded corners. But you can treat every tight corner and crevice, thanks to the excellent nozzle this gallon of spray includes.

Of course, you wouldn’t want your room to look and smell like a mess just to kill these bugs. The manufacturers have made sure the spray doesn’t leave any nasty odors behind with you in mind. And it doesn’t stain any surfaces either. It stays low-key and does its job.

  • Dries fairly quickly
  • Comes with a great nozzle
  • Can treat corners as well
  • Leaves no stains
  • Doesn’t smell that bad
  • Ineffective at killing eggs
  • Effects might not last long

Short Verdict

Pets lick everything, including bed bug-treated beds and curtains. To make sure they don’t get sick, this one doesn’t start acting before it dries completely.

  1. JT Eaton 209-W1G

We all love camping, right? But if you keep your camping equipment in storage long enough, your sleeping bags can catch bed bugs. And even when you’re outdoors, you wouldn’t want to catch Lyme disease or something similar. Well, this spray is the perfect choice for these outdoor applications.

The great thing about this formula is it’s perfect for managing outdoor micro-threats. We mean it can kill bed bugs, horse and dog fleas, and mosquitoes easily. Whether you own a barn or a bunch of dogs, JT Eaton is your new best friend.

It’s perfectly safe for animal use, don’t worry. Dogs won’t even get sick, but their fleas will die very quickly. However, try to keep children away from the fumes as long as it’s wet. It’s not as safe for humans as it is for animals.

And if you’re spending the night out in the open with just your sleeping bag, try to treat it a few days beforehand. If there are wild animals nearby, spray it afterward, too. Deer carry Lyme disease ticks, and those can sneak up on you.

  • Safe for animals
  • Especially great for outdoor bugs
  • Adequate quantity
  • Kills off Lyme-carrying ticks
  • Water-based liquid
  • Hazardous if inhaled
  • Clogs the nozzle

Short Verdict

Several kinds of tiny pests can harm you besides bed bugs. Lyme ticks and horse fleas are some of them. This item specifically performs well in killing outdoor bugs and pests.

  1. Raid Bed Bug Foaming Spray, For Indoor Use

The tough corners can be the Trojan horse if you have a bed bug problem. You can treat all the obvious spots, but they’ll hide in the cracks to rise again. Raid’s foaming spray is a surprise that offers you a smart solution. The foam expands after you spray it into a corner and fills it up.

So, the tiniest cracks are no longer safe. If there’s a bunch of insects hiding there, they won’t be for long. The foam kills on contact, and you can bet that it will make contact. It’s a foolproof formula.

Even eggs aren’t safe. This thing kills them all. Its effects last at least four weeks, and regular application extends the active working time. It’s best to apply in a cyclic timetable following bed bugs’ breeding lifecycles.

You’ll want to shake the can for the best results. It foams up well too. In case the surfaces are water-safe, they won’t collect any stains. If not, you can try applying a small amount to test the results. We suggest only using this spray indoors; it might not work that well outside.

  • Foam expands quickly
  • Kills bugs on contact
  • Reaches tough corners
  • Lasts decently long
  • Doesn’t stain easily
  • Stains non-water-safe fabrics
  • Unsuitable for outdoor use

Short Verdict

The cracks and corners in your room are prime hiding spots for bed bugs. And it’s hard to reach those places. A smart solution is this foaming spray that expands after applying to tough corners.

What To Look for Before Buying

Let’s admit it; killing bed bugs is an arduous process. It’s the least fun weekend activity, but you can’t avoid it. And there are some essential things you need to know about the products you use and how you use them before starting. Here are the important things to remember.

Types of Bed Bug Sprays

Depending on the formulation used and how they work, there are a few kinds of these pesticides. If we’re talking about the ingredients’ sources, these sprays can be natural or synthetic. And some have a residual effect, while others will kill on contact.

  • Natural Sprays

The formulas with natural ingredients are the easy choice for you if this is your first infestation in the house. It’s likely that these bugs haven’t gotten the chance to grow resistant to chemical pesticides yet. Let’s keep it that way.

Another great thing about natural formulas is the kinds of ingredients they use. Essential oils can be a great component and not just for the pleasant smell. Of course, they smell good, but these oils prevent further infestations too.

  • Synthetic Sprays

Chemical or synthetic ones are more of an extreme measure. Unlike natural alternatives, these are a little rough in how they work. They’re likely to leave stains and odors that nobody enjoys having in their room for weeks.

The upside is that a synthetic solution works much more effectively. If it’s a desiccant, it will burn through the bed bug’s outer shell and kill it. While natural ones paralyze the bugs before killing, these go right to work.

  • Sprays that Kill on Contact

Instant-kill formulas are usually the popular pick too. Who wants to wait for the bugs to walk around until they die? But there’s a catch; these formulas might not have much of a lasting effect. That means the bugs might end up coming back if you don’t kill all of them.

  • Sprays with Residual Effect

These products work a bit slower. They paralyze the bugs first and gradually disintegrate their whole nervous system. While the effects last long, the bugs need to stay in one place for the solution to work too.

Bed Bug Sprays for Beds and Mattresses

Most of the items on our review list will serve this purpose. The goal is to get rid of the bugs effectively without much fuss. Of course, there are certain factors to consider too. If the solution leaves pungent smells for an extended period, try not to use it.

Another important thing to check is if it might irritate the skin. Even if you kill all the bugs, there’s no use applying a solution that’s going to give you rashes. Comfortable sleep is what we need. So, try using a low-toxicity option.

  • Bed Bug Sprays for Clothing

Clothes are sensitive things when it comes to applying chemicals. You’ll be surprised at how many people had to dump their clothes just because of bed bugs. It’s almost worse if you use the wrong spray. First of all, wash the clothes in hot water.

Try using a natural option with low toxicity levels. Also, try to make sure the liquid doesn’t leave stains or any smell. And desiccants are an absolute no-no. Stay away from anything abrasive if you want to put it on your shirt.

  • Bed Bug Sprays for Pets

Your dog or cat might suffer more from an infestation than you. Pets’ fur is the perfect hiding place for these little buggers. And they leech off the blood like there’s a feast going on. Of course, you can’t randomly choose a spray for your dog.

JT Eaton is one of the perfect solutions for this issue on our list. Other ones work well, too but read the label carefully to make sure it doesn’t hurt your pet.

FAQs on Best Sprays for Bed Bugs

  1. How long does it take for bed bugs to die after spray treatment?

The time of action will vary from one product to the next. And the label will usually tell you important information like this. It doesn’t take more than a week for the initial application to start working with most sprays.

  1. How many times do you have to spray to get rid of bed bugs?

It’s almost impossible to kill all the bed bugs with just one application. With even the strongest options out there, it’s prudent to apply it thoroughly at least three to four times at regular intervals.

  1. Is bed bug spray toxic to humans?

Not all of these sprays will be unsafe to be around. Today, most of the available options are safe to inhale these days; not all of them are, though. The strength of the individual product will vary, and the effects will depend on it.

  1. Do you have to treat the whole house for bed bugs?

It’s unnecessary to treat the whole house for bed bugs because you found them in one room. However, they are still notoriously known for migrating and living in clothes. Just to be sure, check the bedding and rugs in all the rooms.

  1. What kills bed bug eggs instantly?

Given the variety of sprays available on the market, there’s a long list of answers to this question. Suppose you want to use old-school solutions, though. You can’t go wrong with isopropyl alcohol or any solution containing it.

  1. How do you get bed bugs out of hiding?

These insects are attracted to body heat, CO2, and other natural lures. We don’t suggest using yourself as bait to trick them. Try using a foaming spray to fill in the tight hiding spots and kill them right there.

  1. Can I sleep in my bed after bed bug treatment?

You can use your bed like before after treating it for bed bugs. Most sprays are safe for physical contact after a certain time of application. However, use sheets and pillow casings to be safe.

Final Words: Best Sprays for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are a menace. Thankfully, there are a bunch of cool options to shoo them away now. And by that, we mean massacring them, so they never come back. So, we’ve collected the best sprays for bed bugs available with a comprehensive buying guide.

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