What Is A Rollaway Bed and What Are the Types?

What Is A Rollaway Bed and What Are the Types
What Is A Rollaway Bed and What Are the Types

Remember that one time, you had your whole family over for the holidays, and you had to cramp everyone in couches because there wasn’t enough space?

It might not have happened to you yet, but if you have a big family or a big friend circle, this scenario can very much be your reality. In order to avoid such hassle, the answer to this problem is rollaway beds.

So, what is a rollaway bed and what are the types? Let’s get to know that in a bit more detail, shall we?

What Is a Rollaway Bed?

It is exactly like how the name sounds. Rollaway beds are beds that you can roll and put away for the time being, and use them again when you feel it’s necessary. Many opt to have this as a piece of permanent furniture to save space.

Ever been to a New York apartment? If you have, then you have some idea that in a tiny apartment, it is crucial to saving as much space as you can. Rollaway beds are a perfect solution for small spaces as well as extra bedding needs.

These beds are portable. Yep, you read that correctly; they are portable. Meaning these beds have wheels under them for you to transport them wherever you please easily!

This is the reason why many choose to opt for a rollaway bed in their guest room so that they can use the room whenever any guests aren’t around. Also, a lot of hotels go for rollaway beds because of their portability.

There are hinged frames; rather than permanent ones in these beds. These hinges allow the bed to be put away when not needed, almost as if you are folding it so that it occupies lesser space. Moreover, these frames can either be wooden or metal.

It depends on the individual who is going to be using the bed, and what hinge do they prefer the most.

Rollaway Beds Won’t Break Your Bank

These beds will cost you less than traditional four-legged ones. And let me remind you, they don’t even move — so much convenience at a lower price. Now that sounds like a deal to me. You might be wondering, with a complicated mechanism, how can this bed cost lesser than a traditional one?

Well, it’s true that its mechanism might not be that simple, but this bed requires fewer materials.

Most of these bed frames are made out of metal, and if you don’t know, metal frames cost less than wooden ones. You might get to see a fancy bed frame for a traditional bed, which is not the case with rollaway beds.

So, that is another aspect where the cost is cut down. A bed that is portable can be put away, and it costs less; I don’t know about you, but I am already sold.

Types of Rollaway Beds

There are quite a few types available in the market for you to choose from. You can choose either of them according to your preference.

  • Standard

The standard rollaway bed features a metal frame. You will find this model of bed almost anywhere. With this bed, the bed frames are also metal made; usually, the metal used is steel.

The mattress can be a big load for the bed frame, and to make it more comfortably fit, there are wires or polypropylene to hold it better and distribute the weight evenly.

If you need specific height details, I cannot give you any. Because it totally depends on the manufacturer. Some make the beds a bit low, and some make it high. Keep in mind that the mattress will also add height to it. Usually, the height doesn’t seem to cross 23 inches.

  • Ottoman

This is the one that I personally like a lot. It doubles as an ottoman. Unlike a traditional rollaway bed, this one does not have any wheels to move it totally away from the space. But you can put it up to hide it in plain sight. Also, you have the freedom to fold it in thirds. As you do fold in in thirds, it turns into an ottoman.

Put this bed in your living room to convert it to an ottoman in the daytime and a bed when you have extra people over.

This way, you can save a ton of space and enjoy two pieces of furniture at the price of one. If you want to make it look a bit fancier, put some cushions and a throw cover to perfectly accessorize this amazing piece of furniture.

  • Cabinet

I am absolutely in love with the cabinet type. This one has the most efficient and looks the best, in my opinion. If you have the correct settings and space for this one, I suggest you go for it in a heartbeat. A cabinet-type rollaway bed is just like the name suggests; it is a rollaway bed that can be tucked into a cabinet.

A bed without a headboard might not be everyone’s favorite. It’s a common thing with rollaway beds but not this one. The cabinet you are going to use to tuck the bed in can also serve the purpose of a headboard. Also, once you fold the bed away, the cabinet looks just like a regular one. How cool is that?

You can fold this bed in thirds as well. All you have to do to use this bed is, tuck it in when you don’t need it, and bam! You have a cabinet. And once you decide to pull it out, it looks like a magic trick! Like a cherry on top of this already beautiful cake, this cabinet-type rollaway bed has storage facilities under the bed frame.

Usually, cabinet beds are big and bulky. So, that poses a certain issue regarding hiding this away or moving with ease. But as the bed is big, that problem won’t bother you much.

These ones are hella comfortable, and you can order your cabinet rollaway bed in three different sizes, just like the regular ones — Queen, double, and twin.

Yes, it does cost a little more than the other types, but you know what? It’s worth some extra bucks. Or, that is what I think judging from a neutral perspective.

Are the Rollaway Beds Noisy?

That is a good question. It depends on the type of bed you have and the bed frame. If your bed frame is metal, there is a chance that it might be noisy. But not very loud. Wooden bed frames are less noisy, but they are more expensive than metal ones.

Don’t worry, whichever frame you get, its won’s sound like a nightclub in your bedroom. But I would suggest you oversee the installation carefully and do as much as you can to reduce the noise.

What Mattress Do I Use?

This part depends on the size of your rollaway bed. You can most commonly find twin-sized beds, so that should be your mattress size as well.

I know that you are gravitating towards a thick and comfy mattress, but let me remind you that you have to put the bed away in need. That’s the whole point of this bed. A thicker mattress will give you a hard time conquering that objective.

I’m not telling you to sleep string on the frames. However, choose a mattress thickness that is reasonable and will be easy to equip with your rollaway bed. In this manner, you can enjoy this bed to the fullest.

Final Words

Lastly, I would suggest you analyze and examine your apartment or house first before you set out to get a rollaway bed. There are some other underlying factors that play a vital role in the installation process.

Such as in which room you plan on using this bed, what is the other furniture in that room and so on. I hope I had successfully explained what is a rollaway bed and what are the types in this article.

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