Platform Beds vs Box Springs – What Are the Differences? Your Buying Guide!

Sometimes, our mind gets confused in terms of picking up a specific one between platform beds and box springs. Both have some pros and cons, and each type includes some unique features to fulfill your specific requirements.

From overall outlook to price range, you’ll find so many differences between these two beds. A platform bed offers extra storage to let you keep your necessary stuff closer to you. A box spring, on the other hand, is able to absorb your whole body weight with ease.

Platform Beds vs Box Springs: Your Buying Guide!

So, I’m pretty sure the battle between platform beds vs box springs is going to be interesting. Follow me till the end to see which one stands head and shoulders above the crowd!

Definition of Platform Beds

Generally, platform beds appear more popular option out there, which come in a variety of different styles to choose from. It’s a low-profile bed constructed with a slatted or solid surface, ensuring better support for your mattress.

The usual height of this particular bed is around 5 to 12 inches. And thankfully, it’s relatively affordable since it gives a bed along with a built-in foundation.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Platform Beds

Platform beds remove the requirement for a foundation or box spring, making them a great purchase. However, the low-profile design it comes with might cause a couple of difficulties, including knee and back pain.

So, as you can see, the platform bed has both some pros and cons, which are given below:



  • A bit tough to move
  • The low-profile design causes some difficulties
  • Sometimes, you’ll have to spend extra dollars on a premium-quality mattress
  • Storage

The good thing about a platform bed is, it equips specific storage options that feature more than one (or sometimes a single) drawer under the bed. So, it can easily save a lot of space in your residence, especially if you don’t want to include numerous pieces of furniture in your bedroom.

Also, some are equipped with built-in bookshelves, enabling you to store or keep your necessary books always closer to you.

  • Comfort and Mattress Protection

Though this particular bed suits almost every type of mattress out there, I think you’ll get the maximum benefit from a memory foam mattress, why? Because it delivers breathability, and the comfort you’ll have after combining the bed with this mattress will be comparatively higher and even better.

Surprisingly, the platform bed leaves minimal to zero moisture, making it ideal for all types of users.

Alongside the memory foam, it’s compatible with your hybrid mattress as well.

  • Appearance

As I’ve mentioned earlier, there is a whale of different styles to choose from. So, if you’re looking for something stylish, I think this won’t disappoint you at all. Although the low-profile design causes some difficulties, it’s quite beneficial when we talk about adding an aesthetic touch to your residence.

  • Support

As per my knowledge, almost every maker of platform beds delivers slats. These are included with durable wood that offers adequate amounts of support in order to hold thick mattresses in the best way possible.

Some of the platform beds out there are packed with more slats, allowing you to place all of them quite closer from one to another. Thus, it makes sure that the mattress you’re using won’t sag over time. Impressive, eh?

  • Definition of Box Spring

Speaking of a box spring, it’s a wooden box that includes a layer of springs to maximize flexibility. The bed is entirely covered by dust-barrier fabric (bottom) along with a breathable fabric (top).

As for placement, you can either set it on the surface of your floor or on a particular bed frame for additional height. In order to prevent skidding, I think it’s better to keep it on a specific bed frame.

The springs it comes with are able to bear your whole body weight in the best way possible. Though it’s compatible with innerspring mattresses, you can use it with your latex or memory foam mattresses as well. But sometimes, the weight of your mattress might break the coils, keep in mind!

Advantages and Disadvantages of Box Springs

Compared to a platform bed, a box spring is usually lightweight. But the spring it comes with might end up with wear and tear over time.


  • It delivers extra height to the user
  • Capable of absorbing your body weight
  • Friendly with both bed frame and the surface of the floor
  • Prevents sagging and such issues
  • The total weight seems a bit lighter than the platform beds


  • Costs a small fortune
  • Users might have to deal with wear and tear issues
  • Cleaning the bed is a real bummer
  • Storage

Unfortunately, a box spring doesn’t provide any additional storage space. Unlike the platform beds, it has no specific storage drawer in general.

But don’t worry, you can get at least a little space to store something underneath your bed, guess how? Well, be sure to get a box spring bed that’s a bit higher than the floor. Thus, you can always store your necessary pieces of stuff in that place.

  • Comfort and Mattress Protection

Undoubtedly, a box spring bed is great for adding extra support to your mattress as well as your body. Also, it’s able to absorb your entire body weight with ease, doesn’t matter you’re average or a bit weighty.

The thing to be noted, this bed aids in reducing the lower back pain since it is flat as a pancake! But unfortunately, it gives inadequate amounts of airflow for the mattress. Consequently, mildew and mold buildup might be a common problem of this particular bed.

But I think you can solve these issues all by yourself by maintaining your mattress and bed in a proper way.

  • Appearance

For those who prefer a traditional décor, I think you should give priority to the box springs most. The design it comes with is pretty simple; however, it suits almost every single decoration.

The industry of manufacturing the bed is pretty old. But I believe the common saying, “old is gold!” And this bed is a good example of that statement, trust me!

If you’re in the shop to get this bed, you’ll get familiar with a couple of models, which are minimalistic and sleek in design. So, as we can see, both of these beds (platform beds and box springs) can be your go-to if you’re concerned about style and aesthetic look.

  • Support

Despite being lightweight, it can easily support your entire body weight and prevent sagging, thanks to the flexible spring it comes with, making it great for both obese and average persons.

And when it comes down to sizes, you’ll find several options for this bed.

Comparison Chart of Platform Beds vs Box Springs

Keep on reading the comparison chart below that I’ve made for you. Here, I’ve included some essential information about these two beds, which will help you pick your desired one:

Parameters Platform Beds Box Springs
Standard Height Around 18 inches Around 25 inches
Total Weight Comparatively heavier than the box spring Lighter than the platform bed
Compatibility Friendly with latex, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses Suits innerspring, memory foam, and latex mattresses
Extra Storage Yes No
Extra Bedframe Not required Required
Price (Queen Size) $110 to $550 $150 to $850

So, Which One Should I Pick Up?

In my opinion, it depends on your requirements and the type of mattress you’re using. If you’re looking for something stylish and one that offers extra storage, the platform bed is here to fill your cup.

On the other side, if you need a bed that’s able to absorb your whole body weight and prevent sagging, I think the box spring will be the better purchase. But, at the end of the day, it’s all up to your decision.

Wrapping Up!

So, have you still had any doubt about the difference between platform beds vs box springs? I don’t think so, because here I’ve covered every single thing about these two well-known beds, for which you can easily find out your favorite one.

So, ask yourself about your demands and then make a final purchase to get the optimal benefit.


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