Memory Foam vs. Gel Memory Foam Mattress: Now Time To Know The Secrets!

Memory Foam is quite a brand that covers both the bed and the mattress for your home. It has a unique relaxing effect on the body that will make you fall for it. From the moment you see the mattress and bed, you will love it. The memory foam is a popular mattress that provides full-body support when you.

The best thing about sleep is feeling comfortable and waking up refreshed. Not all mattresses are able to accomplish that. It’s a pressure relief mattress that is made to last for a long time. There are more types of memory mattresses in the market, and one of them is the gel-infused memory foam and the memory foam. Here in this article, we are going to look at the gel-infused memory foam and the memory foam in detail.

What Is A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foam is given its name with the way it’s made and manufactured red. Polyurethane is used to make the memory foam, and chemicals are added to make it sensitive in terms of body pressure and temperature. The viscoelastic foam is the result of the materials added together. The viscoelastic foam then molds itself around the body. Why it’s called memory foam is due to material responsiveness.

That is also because it remembers your body. It’s a mattress that is made perfect for your body directly from the store of manufacturers. Once your body lies on the mattress is captures your body shape and remembers it for a long time. The pressure from the mattress makes your body relax at night without tossing and turning and wake up refreshing. The features of the memory mattress make it a fantastic mattress to have at home.

 What Is A Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

The gel memory foam mattress has some of the same properties that regular memory foam has. It works similarly and offers almost the same properties but different capacities. One of the properties that the gel mattress has the same as the regular mattress is the contouring to relieve the pressure points. When making the gel mattress foam, the manufacturers infuse the cooling gels or the gel beads. What the gel does is to pull heat away foam the person sleeping to give the sleeper.

This could be said to be great for people with heat problems at night. A night full of heat or cold is really uncomfortable and could easily lose your night’s sleep. With mattresses that are able to take care of all this, you don’t have to worry about a thing. Well, the type of mattress you are going out for depends mostly on you. It’s actually up to you to decide. It’s good to go for one that suits your body type and needs. All in all, it has to be comfortable for you.

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 What are the Advantages of a Memory Foam Mattress?

Several advantages come with using the memory foam mattress. Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Body-hugging mattress

One thing that comes to be a significant advantage of the foam mattress is the ability to go with the body curve of the user. The mattress is made with temperature-sensitive material that reacts to your body heat and weight. The viscoelastic ability of the mattress takes control of your body to give you a comfortable night’s sleep. The body-conforming feature of the memory mattress makes it an ideal mattress to have at home for better sleep.

  • Made for all sleeping positions

 well, to say that everyone sleeps differently is not wrong. With the memory mattress foam, you don’t need to worry about sleeping positions. It has been designed to suit all sleeping positions. The material on the mattress adjust and evenly distribute the bodyweight

  • Has superior motion absorption

One of the best advantages of the mattress is the ability to limit motion transfer. The memory foam has the ability to absorb the energy and then minimize the effects of movement. This makes the mattress an ideal one for couples. It means you will not feel a thing when your partner moves, and in fact, it reduces movement. So, if your partner is the one to flop and move a lot, the mattress becomes ideal for you unless your partner is the one to put his legs on you on every turn.

  • Reduces your back pain

For most people to change their mattress is all about the back pans they feel when they wake up. When you think this way, it’s time to look for a better mattress for your use. The viscoelastic foam gives the neutral spinal alignment that helps you to sleep in a comfortable position. The mattress has been made to relieve all your pressure points to make it comfortable for you. When sleeping on the mattress for a long time, you enjoy a comfortable sleep and reduce the chronic neck over time.

  • Mattress Foam is Hypoallergenic.

Not all people are okay with materials used in making the mattresses and may suffer from allergies that happen when using them. It’s common knowledge that they are allergic people to some mattresses. With the Foam mattress, you don’t need to worry about allergies in any way. They have been made to be hypoallergenic and give you a comfortable environment to sleep in. The Polyurethane in the mattress repels molds, mildew and also resists dust mites and pet hair.

 What Are The Advantages of A Gel Foam Mattress?

Gel mattress foam is a special type of mattress that has been made for a certain group of people. This is because the mattress is made excellent for those with night heat problems. Well, the mattress is good and comes with excellent benefits. Let’s look at some of them

  • It’s comfortable

Since Gel memory foam is still memory foam, it comes with the plush feel that all foam mattress has. The Gel foam is able to resist motion transfer and give you a comfortable feeling even when your partner is turning on the other end. It’s the exact mattress that you are looking for.

  • It has better air circulation.

The Gel mattress is considered a bit different from the memory foam based on how it was made. The memory foam is then infused with gel particles or beads during the making process. This gives the mattress better airflow to enable the heat to be drawn away from the body easily. This being the case, the night becomes much cooler when you sleep, one of the best benefits of the gel memory

  • It gives a balanced support

The mattress is made to give you a firm and comfortable sleeping surface. With these features, the mattress becomes an ideal choice for most people. It’s able to mold your body to provide customer support where you need it. It keeps you from sinking, making you have a good night sleep

  • Takes care of back pain and pressure relief

In different sleeping positions, we all experience different pressure points in our bodies. For example, when you sleep on your side, you experience pressure on your hips and shoulders. This makes it difficult for you to sleep deeply, and you may have to turn now and then. If this continues for a long time, you tend to get back pains.

The Gel mattress responds to your body weight and relieves pressure points when you sleep. It keeps your spine properly aligned when you sleep to reduce back pains and other pains in the body.

Similarities Between Memory Foam and Gel Foam

The memory foam and the gel memory foam are not different from each other as we may imagine them to be. They have only little differences. They have much in common.

One of the similarities between the two mattresses is the ability to mold your body for pressure relief. Both of the mattresses have been made to help the side sleepers and those suffering from chronic pains to have a comfortable night. Molding the mattress helps relieve the pressure points in the body.

The Gel mattress and the memory mattress are both made to prevent motion transfer when sleeping as a couple of kids on the bed. This happens when the foam absorbs the motion at the impact point. That’s why the bed is said to be best for couples and can sleep comfortably on both mattresses.

The memory foam and the gel mattress also share the same disadvantage: the foam beds, those of lower quality, give off a chemical smell when it’s opened. The odor occurs due to volatile organic compounds breaking apart at room temperature in off-gassing. The scent is there but will disappear after 3 to 7 days. It’s something that happens to almost all new mattresses, and you don’t have to worry about it.

 Difference Between Memory Foam and Gel Foam

There are similarities between the memory foam and the gel memory foam. There are also differences.

One of the main differences between gel memory foam and gel memory foam is heat retention. The regular memory foam is able to trap heat as a side effect of the density of the foam. When too much heat is accumulated in the mattress, it tends to disturb your sleep and wake you up in a sweat every day.

The memory foam retains heat, while the gel mattress has the opposite effect. When the cooling gel is added to the foam mixture, it then improves the mattress heat dispersion. It then absorbs the heat and wicks it away when you sleep. When the gel is distributed well in the mattress, then it takes away the body heat to have a good night’s sleep.

This may be so but remember, not all people are prone to sleep at night. Some people suffer from cold at night and need mattresses that can retain their heat from the body. With this in mind, some people still prefer to have the memory foam mattress that absorbs hear from the body.

Well, the price of the two mattresses is quite different. The gel mattress tends to be quite expensive due to the too much material needed to make one. The cooling gel is not the only material used in making the cooling mattress. There are other materials involved.

 FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

  1. Which is better: memory foam or gel memory foam?

The better mattress between the two types depends greatly on what you are looking for. Remember, the memory foam is made to retain heat, while the gel memory foam is made to dissipate heat. With these two features, it becomes much easier to determine which is better n your own perspective.

  1. What types of memory foam are there?

Memory Foam comes in three main types of memory foam mattresses. One is traditional, gel foam and the other is the plant–based type.

  1. Do I need to flip my memory foam mattress?

You don’t need to flip the memory foam mattress. The mattress is made with different layers, with the thickest and the most supporting placed at the bottom. The memory foam is then placed at the top layer. When you flip the mattress, it then places the supportive layer at the top. This, in turn, presses the comfort layer into the bed frame, which is not good.

  1. Are there any cons to memory foam mattresses?

Yes, there are. The contouring effect of the mattress has different effects on different people. Some love the effect, while others don’t like the feeling of being sucked into quicksand.

  1. Is gel memory foam firmer than regular memory foam?

Yes. They are made firm and comfortable you will not experience the hot sinking sensation from the mattress

  1. How long do gel memory foam mattresses last?

The gel mattress is made to last for a long time, whether it’s a gel-infused memory foam or a memory foam mattress. The mattress is able to last for a long time, 8 to 10 years. You are the one that will expand your mattress lifespan. Your mattress needs to be rotated every three months to extend the lifespan.

  1. Are our gel memory foam mattresses good for your back?

Yes. They are made to relieve the pressure points in the body. This, in turn, reduces the pain one experiences from other mattresses

  1. Do you flip memory foam mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses cannot be flipped, and the only thing you could do is rotate the mattress and enjoy the best of every inch.

  1. Do memory foam mattresses sag?

Yes. Over time when the memory mattress is used for a long time, it sags since it is a high-density mattress. But the effect is not that much. It’s still comfortable.

  1. Are cheap memory foam mattresses good?

Well, there are really no cheap mattress foams.

Let’s just say they are only slightly cheaper than most. You have to consider quality over the price

  1. Does memory foam flatten over time?

Its sags over time when one side of the mattress is slept on every night without turning and rotating


The foam mattress comes in different types, and gel and mattress foam are one of them. The foam mattress and the gel foam mattress have no big difference between them except the heat retention feature. This is the kind of mattress you don’t want to miss out on if you want to experience the best of it.

Both mattresses are made to relieve the pressure points in your body to give you a relaxing day with no back pains. You have to get the right mattress according to your preference and enjoy your night. Maintain the mattress well to be used for a long time, up to 10 years. This happens when you rotate your mattress regularly to give it a uniform weight.

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