How To Use A Mattress Bag While Transporting Your Mattress? Easiest Solutions!

How to Use a Mattress Bag While Transporting Your Mattress

“It’s all your fault! You damaged my mattress that costs a bomb. I told you to move it carefully!”

You might have to face the same situation as well if you don’t know the correct way of transferring a mattress from place to place. Even knowing the method of moving it is still not enough unless you have a specific mattress bag, yep.

But how to use a mattress bag while transporting your mattress? Considering the question, we’re here to explain all the know-hows in detail.

A mattress cover or bag can keep your item protected from accidental damages, especially when you’re taking it out from a specific place. Plus, it’s also very efficient in terms of keeping the dirt, bed bugs, and such things at bay.

Now Discuss How To Use A Mattress Bag While Transporting Your Mattress?

So, let’s move forward to know everything about a mattress bag and the way of using it during transportation.

Definition of Mattress Bag

Basically, the mattress bag is a specific container designed to store mattresses in the best way possible, the name speaks for itself. It’s usually sturdy and manufactured with top-quality plastic for accommodating almost every size of mattress pretty smoothly, including full, twin, queen, king, and so forth.

Of course, it comes in handy when we talk about storing your mattress to keep it away from grime, dirt, and such disgusting things. And guess what? It protects your bed from bed bugs as well.

Advantages of Using Mattress Bags

There are plenty of plus points to use a specific mattress bag, especially when it comes to moving your mattress from one place to another. Go down below to get familiar with some of the benefits:

Keeps Your Mattress Always Tidy

Yep, if you use a specific cover, which means a bag for your expensive mattress, it’ll be possible to keep that stuff clean and tidy, even for a longer period. Thus, your mattress will appear to be “brand new” even after using for years and years at a stretch!

Easy to Wipe Off

It’s not a big deal if your little one accidentally spills juice or stuff like that on your mattress; why? It’s because you can simply wipe it off through a piece of clean cloth. But that’s only possible when your mattress is wrapped in a specific bag made of plastic.

Minimizes The Chance of Liquids Damaging

It’s always better to use a mattress protector (waterproof) so that it can remove the possibility of getting liquid into it while transporting.

Keeps Protected

Not only a mattress bag reduces the risk of liquids damaging, but it also plays a significant role in protecting you from bed bugs, dust mites, as well as allergens. Thus, it lets you get a night of sound sleep, and that too without dealing with those bummers.

Checklist for Transferring A Mattress

It’s not a child’s play to move to a new residence since it’s essential to plan every nook and cranny out; the duty begins from wrapping each necessary stuff to transferring them into a specific van or truck.

Considering the fact, some people select the way of buying a brand-new mattress instead of moving the old one. Yep, they think it’s a back-breaking task to transfer a mattress, which is usually weighty.

But if you don’t want to spend a pretty penny, it’s better to take the old one to your new house by just following the below-mentioned tips:

  • Tip 1: Take Assistance from Someone

It’s always better to take someone’s assistance in order to transfer or move those stuff from the old house to the new residence, especially when it comes to mattresses.

Alongside the bulky frame, most of the mattresses out there equip a measurement that makes it a bit tough for a single person to hold them. You’ll be unable to do it yourself even after breaking a sweat!

In that case, it’s a wise idea to take help from someone, which can be anyone from your family members or even your best friend.

Besides, you can get white-glove services for lifting heavy objects if there is nobody around you to assist.

  • Tip 2: Purchase Poly Ropes/Ratchet Straps

Now, your duty is to get a set of poly ropes or ratchet straps to fasten your mattress in the van or truck. And thankfully, straps can be applied for moving your bike and other furniture as well, impressive, eh?

Well, straps are really awesome. These play an important role in ensuring that your necessary stuff (especially the mattress) will stay secure around the van or truck. But you have to be sure the rope you’re going to get is pretty strong.

  • Tip 3: Get a Duct Tape

Once you put your mattress in a cover, make sure to use duct tape to prevent the item from accidentally slipping out while transferring. The “taping task” should be done both horizontally and vertically so that you can ensure firm hold during transportation.

  • Tip 4: Pick Up Scissors

This will help you to cut the extra straps, ropes, tape, and such things effortlessly.

The Easiest Way of Putting The Mattress inside the Mattress Bag – Step by Step Guide

As you know, a mattress bag is always efficient in terms of protecting your mattress. So, it’s a must to have a specific bag or cover. If you don’t have it, then spend some cash to get a new one. Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with grime, dirt, etc., while transferring.

But what will you do with a cover if you don’t know how to put a mattress inside of it? Well, considering the matter, we’re going to teach you the basic technique of covering the stuff with the mattress bag. Let’s dive in!

  • Step-1: Make Your Bed Empty

First off, you’ll have to take off every linen on the bed, for which you can make it ready for packing.

  • Step-2: The Mattress Should Be Dry

Yep, if you see your mattress seems a bit wet, make sure to dry it thoroughly from top to bottom before transferring it. It’s a smart decision to place your bed under the heat of the sun so that it gets completely dry within no time.

  • Step-3: Examine for Infestations

For getting rid of bed bugs and such types of pesky tiny creatures, it’s essential to check your mattress for infestations. Once it’s complete, step forward and lay down your bed to the floor in order to put it straight away inside the mattress bag.

Don’t forget to make sure that the floor is out of all types of dirt.

  • Step-4: Time for Wrapping Up!

Let’s put the mattress inside the bag you’ve picked. In that case, you should lift the item a little with your friend’s support for slipping the cover on. Almost every mattress bag has some specific things to seal it, for which the bed doesn’t get easily out while transporting.

However, we suggest using a certain amount of tape to wrap the stuff entirely. It’s only for ensuring a more secure hold during transportation.

The Method of Moving the Mattress

After putting the mattress inside the bag successfully, the next duty is to transfer it to the vehicle, which can either be a van or a truck. So, these are the following steps you’ll have to follow:

  • Step-1: Keep the Route Clear

Starting from your house to the vehicle, you have to be sure the exit route is totally free from all kinds of obstacles so that you can safely take your bed out from the room to the truck. The specific place where you’re going to keep your mattress should be empty as well.

  • Step-2: Lift the Mattress with Your Mate

Are you going to work with one person? If so, then ensure to let him/her lift one side of the item, and you hold the other side. Anyone can play a role in leading the way.

Guess what? We’re just a step away from completing the task!

  • Step-3: Keep It Inside of the Vehicle

After carefully lifting up the mattress, load it inside the van or truck. You have to be extra careful at that moment. Because if you follow the wrong technique, there is a BIG POSSIBILITY of ending up with serious injuries!

Now, get your hands on the poly ropes or ratchet straps to secure your mattress in the best way possible. That’s all!

Final Words

If you want to transfer your high-end mattress without dealing with dirt, grime, or even accidental damages, having a specific “mattress bag/cover” has no better alternatives.

We tried our best to show you everything about how to use a mattress bag while transporting your mattress, for which you can say GOODBYE to those bummers once and for all while moving it to your next residence.

Stay safe and keep your mattress always spick-and-span!

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