Hybrid Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress – What’s The Difference?

Hybrid Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress
Hybrid Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress

We, sometimes, get confused while choosing a specific one between hybrid and memory foam mattresses. These two types are quite popular in the current market. But each has some unique features you need to know to make your final purchase a piece of cake!

A memory foam mattress is well-known for absorbing moisture and keeping your spine in the natural position. A hybrid mattress, on the other hand, comes in great breathability and supports heavy loads. But it might cost the earth compared to the memory foam mattress.

So, reading the article on hybrid mattress vs memory foam mattress is very important if you want to know which one should be your go-to! So, without wasting any time, stick with me till the end.

Basics of Memory Foam Mattress

In general, memory foam mattresses are made of polymer (polyurethane), which were manufactured specifically for NASA. But later, regular people started to use it for their daily life.

With a dense structure, a memory foam mattress has got a minimal room for the air. Besides, you won’t find any springs or such materials since it gets foam only.

This feels pretty soft, and after applying a bit of pressure on the memory foam, it compresses pretty much slowly.

Advantages of Using the Memory Foam Mattress

If you ask me about the benefits of using a memory foam mattress, some of them are as follows:

  • They Don’t Generate Noises

The creaking sound of the springs after some time can be a headache for most people using a typical mattress. Thankfully, you don’t have to face any problem like this with the memory foam. When moving on the mattress, it won’t suffocate and make no audible noises. That lets you get a night of sound sleep!

  • Releases the Pressure

This mattress provides excellent pressure relief, making it one of the best mattresses for the ones who like to sleep in the corners of the bed.

By sheltering the joints of your body, it relieves your body pressure from the heaviest parts. It plays a key role in keeping your spine in a neutral position as it fits any shape or space of your body.

  • Absorbs Motion While Sleeping

Since it absorbs motion in the best way possible, your sleeping partner won’t get disturbed at the time of sleeping. The mattress isolates your movements when you make a motion on any specific area.

  • It’s Relatively Inexpensive

Most of the memory foam mattresses out there are equipped with a fair price range even after providing lots of comfort to the users. So, in my opinion, you can rely on it if your budget is very limited.

  • Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattress

Apart from the advantages, you’ll find some disadvantages too in a memory foam mattress. These are:

  • Sags Over Time

Mattresses with memory foam can also sink faster than the rest of the types of mattresses. Since the material of the mattress is very soft, it can leave a mark on your mattress over time.So, always consider choosing the one with high-density foam.

For example, memory foam with 4 to 5 pounds per cubic foot will last for a longer period compared to the ones having a density of 2 to 3.5 pounds per cubic foot.

  • Gets Too Hot at Times

Since a piece of memory foam mattress absorbs our body weight, it might get extremely hot at times. Though it’s not a big deal in winter, you’ll have to suffer a lot when the weather is too hot.

  • You Might Be Stuck Inside the Mattress

Memory foam mattress might not respond as quickly when you intend to move from the top of the bed. It can be a very slow material, and you might be stuck inside the mattress from time to time. So, you should have to be so careful while buying mattresses.

Basics of Hybrid Mattress

When we talk about a hybrid mattress, it is a combination of two different types of mattresses. It brings a wee bit of old fashion into these days by including coils (innerspring) with a combination of latex, memory, and poly-foam.

A hybrid foam mattress gives you softness and extra support, ensuring maximum flexibility and comfort. Besides, if you don’t want to get the sinking feeling, this one is what you need to have.

Advantages of Using the Hybrid Foam Mattress

Just like the memory foam mattress, the hybrid foam also offers a couple of advantages that you can get by using it. Such as:

  • Better Breathability

Hybrid mattresses provide excellent breathability due to the coils installed in them. It also makes sure to prevent the mattress from trapping too much heat.

  • Capable of Supporting Heavy Loads

The coil of this particular mattress plays a significant role in adding optimal support. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an overweight person or average; nobody can’t stop you from getting extra supports required for both stomach sleeping and back sleeping.

  • Both Comfortable and Durable

On account of the soft layer it comes with, a hybrid mattress ensures maximum comfort for all types of users. Besides, the innerspring coils offer flexibility and durability so that you can use your mattress for up to years without dealing with any problems.

  • Lets You Get a Luxurious Feel

Alongside the comfort and durability, a hybrid mattress can also be a go-to choice for those who’re hungry to have a luxurious feel from a mattress. It’s very smooth, and most of the hybrid mattresses equip a classy appearance to make you feel “wow.”

  • Gives Quick Responses

For having more support than the memory foam in structures, these mattresses can adopt various positions. It’s useful for the ones who like to sleep on their belly or back. And guess what? The mattress turns into its original shape within no time.

  • Disadvantages of Hybrid Foam Mattress

Despite all those advantages, hybrid mattresses have some disadvantages too, such as:

  • Expensive

In most cases, hybrid mattresses are more costly than memory foam mattresses, although not all hybrids are like that. For this reason, you’ll have to break your bank at times to get a quality hybrid mattress from the shop.

  • Not that Good with Motion Transfer

Keep in mind, if you’re sharing your bed without someone who turns a lot while sleeping, there is no doubt that you’ll feel undesired bounces with your hybrid mattress. So, if you need a lesser motion transfer, this can’t meet your requirements.

Bulky a Bit

Compared to the memory foam, the hybrid mattress is a bit weighty. For this reason, you might face more difficulties when we talk about moving the mattress. This can cause a couple of problems if you are moving into a new place or apartment.

  • Noisy Type

The real bummer of hybrid mattresses is that they make creaky noises. And the noise gets louder when the bed gets a bit older. So, it might break your peaceful sleep anytime.

So, Which One Suits You Best?

Actually, choosing from these two depends on your requirements and comfort levels. But I can suggest some particular things that can help you to get the perfect one, especially if you’re confused about making a final purchase.

Consider Having a Memory Foam Mattress If:

  • You like sleeping on the sides.
  • You’re fond of staying in a single position for the entire night.
  • Your budget is limited.
  • You want to say bye-bye to the creaking sound while sleeping.
  • You’re looking for something that adopts every single type of body shape.

Consider Having a Hybrid Foam Mattress If:

  • You turn a lot while taking sleep.
  • Your body-weight is more than average.
  • You don’t like to get stuck inside the mattress.
  • You want to have a luxurious sleep, and budget is not an issue.
  • You are willing to compromise your sleep with someone.

Wrapping Up

The write-up on hybrid mattress vs memory foam mattress ends here. Now, if you ask me which one deserves the crown, I’d say it all depends on you and your requirements. In a nutshell, you can go with a memory mattress if budget is your concern.

On the other side, you can rely on the hybrid foam mattress if you’re capable of spending a pretty penny.

So, the choice is yours!

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