How To Wash Mattress Protector? 5 Easiest Steps!

A mattress protector really comes in handy in terms of protecting the mattress from minor to major damages, dirt, grime, and stuff like that.

Since it tolerates all those disgusting things and some kind of dirt that we can’t see with our naked eyes, it’s too important to wash the protector off after a certain period, keeping it always spick-and-span.

But how to wash mattress protectors? Is it really tough?

Nope, washing off the protector of a mattress isn’t a back-breaking task at all. You just have to follow the basic technique that we’ve added to this writing. So, without further ado, let’s jump right away to the know-hows!

Definition of A Mattress Protector

The mattress protector is simply the extra bedding that you can place on top of your mattress to keep it always protected. Basically, it’s soft, removable, and sometimes you can use it to cover your entire bed as well.

What Does It Do?

If you have a specific mattress, whether it’s low-end or a bit pricey, getting a specific “mattress protector” is really important. It lets you maintain better protection against dust mites, bed bugs, allergens, and such things.

Even though you use a particular vacuum cleaner to erase the dirt from the surface of your mattress, it’s too complicated to clean up some of the standard mattresses completely!

And the result? Your expensive mattress becomes stained or marked quite soon! At that moment, a protector can play an essential role in keeping your exquisite mattress protected from those marks, stains, and such types of common issues.

Benefits of Using a Mattress Protector

Surprisingly, you’ll find countless advantages by using an individual mattress protector. But we’re going to present some of the noticeable benefits that you’ll get from it. These are as follows:

Aids In Sustaining The Warranty

There is no surprise that a piece of protector can help in protecting the warranty.

Unfortunately, your mattress loses its warranty validity when spots or stubborn marks go onto it. In that case, the protector helps to keep those issues at bay by providing maximum protection. Thus, it holds the warranty intact.

Keeps the Mattress Clean and Tidy

One of the best ways to keep your mattress clean and tidy is to use a perfect piece of protector. It’s always efficient when we talk about keeping the item free from stains, dirt, grime, or even tough-to-reduce marks.

And guess what? You won’t have to burn the midnight oil in terms of cleaning up your mattress. All you have to do is cover the stuff with a protector, and that’s it! It’ll remain neat and clean for a longer period.

Prevents Dust Mites Allergies

If you’re a mattress user, then definitely you’re familiar with dust mites. They take our dead skin cells as food when we spend our time on the bed. This is the reason why we suffer from allergies, shortness of wheezing and breath, and such problems.

A specific mattress protector can keep you far away from those bummers since you can clean it up on a daily basis.

Increases The Longevity of the Mattress

So, your little one spills something in your mattress? It doesn’t matter at all, but yes, it’s a big issue unless your bed is covered with a specific protector. The name says it all, it’s highly capable of protecting your mattress from all types of stains and deep spots of juice or milk, enhancing longevity.

Consequently, your old mattress will look kind of “brand-new” even after using it for years and years.

Are There Any Differences Between a Mattress Pad and Mattress Protector?

Indeed, these two things are totally different, just like Android is different from the IOS operating system! When we talk about a mattress protector, it’s usually thinner, and you won’t feel any kind of change even after covering your mattress with it. Plus, it’s waterproof.

Speaking of a mattress pad, it adds extra padding to your mattress with its thick layers. Unlike the protector, it’s not waterproof.

Long story short: It’s not that necessary to get a pad if you have got a high-end mattress. But whether you have an expensive mattress or it’s a bit low in both price and quality, having a particular protector is always essential on account of the above-written advantages.

The Effective Way of Keeping the Mattress Protector Clean – Step-By-Step Guide

After knowing some of the benefits of using a protector, now you’re wondering about using it to cover your mattress from top to bottom, right?

Well, if you want to use it, it’s necessary to learn the methods of keeping it clean as well.

So, sit tight and go down below to see the five easiest and efficient steps of cleaning up:

  • Step-1: Checking for Seams

Before beginning your “mattress cleaning” task, at first, you have to keep your eyes on the entire mattress to find out if there is any open seam or not.

If you begin your washing task without checking the seams properly, the machine you’re using to wash might clog with feathers and stuff like that.

In case you find open seams in your protector, be sure to repair them immediately by taking assistance from a tailor. After that, you’re good to go for washing off.

  • Step-2: Removing Stains

When it comes down to washing off the protector, it’s better to place a certain amount of detergent on the stubborn spots or stains. Keep it under the warm water and wait for 5 to 15 minutes.

By doing this, it’ll be easy-peasy to remove the stains permanently when you put your protector inside the washing machine.

  • Step-3: Using the Delicate Cycle

In our opinion, using a delicate cycle will be a wise decision to wash off your protector in the best way possible. It lets your wash your delicate clothes thoroughly, and that too without dealing with much of a problem.

Again, it won’t be a poor idea if you use a specific amount of detergent. After that, ensure to set the water temperature to a “cool” mode (if included).

  • Step-4: Rinsing It Off Twice

Speaking of rinsing, we suggest doing it at least twice to get rid of the dirt and detergent once and for all. In that case, you’ll have to keep your protector inside the machine and let it run again. But this time, it’s not necessary to add any extra soap or detergent.

  • Step-5: Time for Drying!

The “washing task” is complete. Now, you’ll have to dry the stuff for your next use. Are you going to dry your mattress protector through a machine? If yes, it’s a must to turn the dryer off straight away after every 15-20 minutes.

In case you forget to do this, your protector might lose its initial smoothness.

Give yourself a pat on the back; you have successfully finished the task of cleaning your mattress protector! Good job!

Which Type of Washing Machine Should I Use for Cleaning Up?

Well, we think the washing machine packed with “front-loading type” should be your go-to option while removing the dirt or stains from your protector. The one that equips a center agitator might pull apart into your stuff.

Speaking of the price range, that’s a bit steep compared to other types available in the market. But the output you’ll get from it will be awesome, without a doubt!

How often Should I have to Clean Up the Protector?

In order to get the best feel, we always suggest washing off your protector numerous times a year (3-7 times) unless you want to spend some time with dirt, unpleasing smell, or such kind of things.

Talking about bedsheets, we think it’s necessary to clean them at least once a week, why? Because this is the thing that eats up more dead skin cells compared to the protector.

But you have to make sure you’re following the label of care to get a clear idea in terms of washing your specific item. Thankfully, almost every protector of the mattress is washable through warm water and a certain amount of detergent.

The thing to be noted – are you someone who gets allergies frequently? If the answer is ‘yes,’ then it’s a must to wash your protector often and often. Also, it becomes very important if you have kids or pets inside your residence.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you’ve got all the nooks and crannies concerning how to wash mattress protectors. If you want to stay healthy and keep yourself out of allergies, bed bugs, and dirt, washing the protector after a certain period becomes really essential.

But how will you do this? Very simple, just follow each and every method we’ve mentioned above, and that’s it!

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