How To Move Mattress? 7 Easiest Steps!

Moving a mattress is a step that you may have to do one or another from your home. It’s been with you for years, and it’s high time to move the mattress away from home. This happens for so many reasons, and one of them could be you are moving.

Carrying and moving the mattress is best done and handled by groups or pairs. It’s hard on a single person. This is the case, but sometimes it’s only up to you to carry the mattress on your own. good to know ways to handle your mattress when moving and what to do right.

Moving your mattress will not take you more than 20 minutes, or it can be an hour of misery if you have not done the right thing moving. With here, it becomes easier for you to move the mattress ease. We are here to make your first experience better. Let’s have a better understanding of how to move mattresses in the right way.

Need To Know Before Moving A Mattress

Moving a mattress from one area to the other is no joke. It’s a challenging task that needs you to get a buddy to help. This also depends on the type of mattress you are carrying around. Mattress can range from 45 pounds to 71 pounds, twin mattress, and queen size, respectively.

You can also have the 90 to 100 pounds mattress, the king-size mattress, and the California king. All of these are specialized mattresses that weigh more and may be hard to deal with alone. For this, you have to consider so many things before you decide to move your mattress. Like we have seen and said, the size and weight of your mattress matter.

Well, when thinking and planning to move your mattress, you have to know different factors first before you make a move. That is because there are lots of things to consider on this. One, as we have discussed above, is the size of the mattress. Some mattresses are large, and you may require more people to help out.

You may have dreamed of having that big mattress for years, and when it comes to moving out, it becomes hard the stairs. moving mattress, you may decide to move it on your own or hire a professional to do it for you.  a good idea if you don’t get into trouble, but you will have to spend a little more. To avoid the extra expenditure, plan your movement earlier in ways that for you. Below here we are going to discuss different ways to handle mattress movement.

Requirement For Moving A Mattress

Before removing the mattress, you have to plan. You cannot do it blindly, especially the king and queen sizes California king. These are big ones. Here are some of the requirements you have to meet before you proceed.

  • Mattress Bag

The first thing you need to do before moving the mattress is to get a mattress bag. This is a must step if you want to get your mattress safely wherever you are going. The mattress bag was designed to make it easier for you to move the mattress. The bag protects the mattress from damage, dust, and infestations while moving.

This is to enable the safety of the mattress until it’s unpacked in your new room home. The mattress bag is readily available in the market anytime you want.

  • Tape

Moving your mattress in the mattress bag should not be taken lightly. To have strong and durable shipping, you have got to seal it properly. A shipping or masking tape could be one of the best to use to seal the mattress in place. These tapes have a durable adhesive that is waterproof and strong to keep it sealed and prevent water moisture from entering the mattress.

  • Sandwich Bags

With sandwich bags with you, it becomes easier to store important parts of the bed with you. When moving, you may end up losing things like the screws, bolts, nuts, With the bag, you can then store all of them in place and use them when you reach your destination.

  • Ratchet Tie Down Strap

A ratchet tie-down strap is a two-piece tie-down strap that is made ideal for locking the mattress in place in a transportation mode. It could be to your van, truck bed, It’s made to lock the mattress in place for safe movement.

  • Nylon Rope

You can then use a nylon rope or an alternative that is strong and sturdy in length to hold the mattress. It’s not hard to get the rope and can be found in most places like hardware stores. The nylon rope is a good one to have a since strong and long place.

  • Dolly or Hand Truck

Getting a dolly or a hand truck can be the best moving process from the bedroom to the transporting vehicle. You have the option of buying the dolly or renting one for use. It’s easily available at local hardware stores or in the moving company’s rental truck.

  • Cardboard

There is also a choice that you could use the cardboard to help in transportation. That’s only possible if the mattress is flexible. A large flat piece of cardboard makes it easier to transport. It’s a good choice if you meet the requirement to use it.

  • Tool Set

You have to get a toolset with all your tools in it. That is for those whose mattress is on the bed frame. The tools will help you take the bed frame away and also reassemble it when you reach your destination.

How To Move Your Mattress Yourself

This part moves when you are by yourself. By yourself, carrying a mattress could be a very hard task, especially when big, bulky, and heavy. It’s not every day that someone would be there to help you carry the mattress and other stuff. Sometimes you may find yourself alone and need to move the items you have to carry on your own at this time.

Moving the mattress is not an easy task to do. You have to carry the mattress carefully to avoid damaging it or yourself in the process. It sometimes happens that the mattress may be damaged. That’s why there are steps you have to follow when moving a mattress. With the steps and items needed for transportation and moving, it becomes easier for you. It helps to get your mattress over to the new destination undamaged.

Put Your Mattress Into The Mattress Bag.

When you have bought all the necessary items to move the mattress, it’s time to start. The first thing you will have to do is to place the mattress inside the mattress bag. will have to place the mattress flat on the ground or put it against the wall. You then have to lift one end of the mattress, and the other person slides the mattress bag over the mattress. That’s only possible when you.

Before you place the mattress inside the mattress bag, ensure that all the air has been pushed out of the bag. You then fold and flap down and seal the open ends with tape. This is to ensure the air and moisture do not enter the mattress bag. When the bag is sealed, then you may have to look for small holes in the bag first and, if available, then tape the holes as well

Clear A Path

You have to plan your route for the transportation vehicle to pass through. You have to clear all objects and obstacles that may be their way. When the obstacles are all removed from the stairs and walkway, you are good to go. Make sure all the doors in the room that could be used are propped open. Also, the space or path has to be wide enough for the mattress to fit through when it’s carried. There is also an option where a dolly could be used to wheel the mattress out. It’s up to you which one you prefer.

 Drag Your Mattress

Well, if you are on your own, you inevitably drag your mattress over to the transportation mode. What happens after you have packed the mattress inside the mattress bag and sealed This way, even when you drag the mattress, it will not be damaged in any way.

 Get The Right Vehicle.

You have to get the right vehicle to help you move the mattress. That means the vehicle needs to have enough space for the mattress, and it’s even better when it’s clear. The exit way needs to be wide enough to accommodate the mattress passing through. If the vehicle’s seats need to be removed, then do it before moving the mattress into the vehicle. You could as well have your seat bend to leave enough space for your mattress in it. It’s a simple step to take

Ship Your Mattress

If you love your mattress much and don’t want to get another one, you can ship the packed mattress. You can ship the mattress anywhere in the country for around $300 to $700 and get it safely—the transportation fee also depends on the size of your mattress and the distance you are shipping is a convenient way when moving into a new state or city. It’s quite a distance moving from one state to the other it may require you to drive all the way. It’s a hard drive if you decide on it. That’s why it’s more convenient to ship your mattress and others.

 Make Sure to Secure the Moving Van/Truck

There are lots of ways to transport your mattress. One of them is using an or truck to do so. If you are using the van, lay the mattress flat in the cargo space if possible. This way, the mattress will be well secured on the van. You can also have your mattress standing up and lean it against the wall when on its side. You then can use a nylon rope to secure it against the support rails. Make sure the strap or rope you are using is enough to fix it in place and not shot or too long.

  • Pickup Truck

When using a pickup truck to move the mattress, you have to lay the mattress flat in the truck bed. This is one of the best to use when moving a mattress due to space. You then have to secure one end of the nylon ropes or the straps to the D rings. You have to wrap the rope over the mattress to keep it secured. It sometimes happens that the truck bed is smaller than the mattress you need to open the tailgate. You then have to secure the backend of the mattress with a rope to prevent it from sliding.

  • Car/SUV (without luggage rack)

If the car you are using does not have a luggage rack, you have to go another way. Lay your mattress flat on the car roof. You have to secure the mattress in place using the ropes or ratchet straps across the body of the mattress. Wrap the front center and the back, and the corners of the mattress if possible. You then pass the ropes through the passenger door, jam back passenger windows, and back up to the roof.

  • Car/SUV (with luggage rack)

If the car you are using comes with a luggage rack, you have to put your mattress on top. your mattress is flat on top, then checks for rips and tears in the mattress bag (just a caution checkup). the mattress using a nylon rope or a ratchet strap horizontally across the body’s front, back, and center. You then have to tie your mattress to the rack using a strong and sturdy knot. This keeps your mattress in place when moving for a long distance or so.

 Drive carefully and slowly

While driving with a load on the car or vehicle, you have to be careful on the road. It can be a challenge with a heavy load on top of the car on the back. With loads on the car or vehicle, you have to proceed at a moderate pace. This ensures the mattress does not shift to the side or turn during sudden braking. This is true when your mattress is tied to your roof. Please make sure you check on it from time to time and ensure it remains in place.

Use a dolly or Cart

If you are using a dolly most people prefer to use, you are on the right track. Stand your mattress on the upright position on its sides and put it on the dolly. Secure your mattress in place on both sides if it’s floppy with cardboard to support it. It would help if you were careful when using dolly on descending stairs. You have to stand at the top of the stairs before lifting and taking the mattress off the dolly downstairs. Do not in any way use the dolly to carry or roll the mattress downstairs. You can also line the path to the vehicle with cardboard and slide your mattress across to the vehicle.

How To Move a Memory Foam Mattress

Moving a memory foam mattress is not that different from moving other mattresses, but it requires you to do a few more things with the additional points to in mind. crucial to learn more about moving your foam mattress. Emory mattresses are made heavy, and they shapeshift when you grab them. With this feature, it becomes hard for you to have a good grip on the mattress. You have to understand how to fold and ship the memory foam mattress to save your time.

The first thing you have to do is wrap your memory foam mattress just how you any other mattress. The process is almost the same as what you do with mattresses. The only difference you get with the memory foam mattress is the floppy nature it has. You will have to reinforce it with a slab of cardboard. After folding the mattress, you have to then tie the mattress well to the cardboard using straps to avoid it flipping while moving. Make sure the mattress is slid into a special cardboard box for mattresses. You have to make sure also that you leave the mattress flat without a thing on top of it. Also, tie down the mattress to a steady surface not slide while transporting.

How To Store a Mattress after Moving It

Most people do not think of the mattress beyond moving the mattress when the head hits the mattress to sleep. You have to think about the life of your mattress and whether you are taking care of it. You have to hold your end of the bargain when you buy the mattress. When moving the mattress, there are rules that you have to follow to move it properly.

The same goes for storing the mattress. There are rules to be followed. It would be best to clean your mattress well before and after you. You have to vacuum it down on all sides and let it dry well. Use the storage bag to keep your mattress the same. It protects your mattress from dust and other contamination that may occur while in storage.

Make sure your mattress is dry before placing it in the mattress bag. While storing the mattress, you have to be careful not to store it on its side. It would help if you were careful not to expose the mattress to extreme temperatures like heat, freezing temp, and high humidity. It’s also good to have your mattress in its own space, not to store things on top of it.

Unpacking and Setting Up Your Mattress

You have already moved your mattress from your previous home to a new one. It has been hard packing and moving, but now it’s time to unpack it. moving the mattress. You still have to. You have to get rid of the straps used when moving the mattress and slide your mattress out of the vehicle. You then have to carry your mattress inside your new home. Please get someone to help you void dropping it. You then have to remove the mattress bag and keep the mattress in the open.

FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)

Can you move a mattress by yourself?

  • Yes. It’s possible to move a mattress by yourself, but it would be a bit hard for you. Many steps need to be done and followed. When moving the mattress on your own, it will take more time to do so. If you want to move fast, then you have to get someone to help you with it.

Can one person move a king-size mattress?

  • Well, it’s hard but possible. You have to get someone to help you with it. That’s because the mattress is made heavy and strong.

How do you roll a mattress for moving?

  • The mattress is easy to roll when you have already compressed it. It becomes easier for you to roll and attach the straps to keep them secure.

Can one person move a queen mattress?

  • Yes. It’s possible to move a queen mattress by one person as long as it’s well folded.

Is it legal to tie your mattress to the top of your car?

  • It’s not illegal in the US unless you have not tied it well. When the mattress is not tied well on the car, it may slide off and cause accidents on the road. You risk your life and other people on the road.

How can we move box springs or foundations?

  • To move the box springs or foundations, it’s recommended to pack them with plastic wrap. Then follow the wrap by a layer of bubble wrap. Load the box on the dolly and carry it to your vehicle for transportation.

Can we move a queen size bed in a van?

  • Queen-size mattresses are big and do not fit in most of the vans. To make them fit well, you have to fold the mattress. The folding of the mattress depends on the brand of the mattress.


Moving your mattress from one place to another is a process that almost everyone goes through. It’s not hard to move your mattress from one place to another as long as you follow the moving rules. There are rules, yes that you have to follow. For instance, you have to fold your mattress in a certain way to move it. Some mattress requires you to lay them flat without things on top of it to transport.


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