How To Dispose of An old Mattress?

Dispose of An old Mattress

Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new! This rule applies to almost everything in life, including mattresses.

Mattresses can last several years; decades even! However, everything in the world has somewhat an expiry date. And mattresses are not far from that rule. At some point, your mattress will get old, and you’re going to have to retire it.

This is why knowing how to dispose of an old mattress is necessary. You have to choose between 2 major options. Do you want to completely throw it away? Or do you want to make different use of it?

To help you make that choice and to discuss everything you could do to your raggedy old mattress, we have compiled a bunch of tips. We are here to provide you with nearly every piece of information regarding the disposal of mattresses. But before we get into all of that, let’s start with why you should get rid of it in the first place.

Why You Should Dispose of An Old Mattress?

There are several reasons you would want to throw away or at least give away your old mattress. Some of them might be less alarming than others, while some may even make you wonder, “why didn’t I get rid of this sooner?”

A few signs and symptoms that say it is time to let go of your mattress that you should keep an eye out for are discussed in detail below.

  • It’s Getting Less Comfortable

Notice how when you have owned a mattress or any soft furniture for a long time, it gets less and less comfortable as the years go by. When we say less comfortable, we specifically refer to the softness of the mattress.

In order to have a good night’s sleep, it is crucial that the mattress feels comfortable enough. How can you tell that it has not retained that initial comfortability? By checking how much fluff it has lost.

The air that keeps the mattress fluffy and soft gets out over the years, and it loses volume as well. And it would obviously physically feel less soft. So, if this is something you are noticing on your mattress, it’s time to say bye-bye.

  • old Mattress Is Infested with Bugs or Pest

A lot of times, people don’t notice, but mattresses can get infested with harmful insects and pests that can completely damage the insides and outsides of a mattress.

This means 2 things. First of all, the material of the mattress is probably on the verge of being destroyed completely. And secondly, you are at risk of being harmed by those bugs.

If you see that your mattress has any kind of infestation occurring, firstly clean it up. And then, if it still seems unusable, dispose of it in your preferred manner. Our recommendation would be to not give it away or sell it, but rather just throw it away completely or recycle it.

After being infested once, a mattress doesn’t really remain usable. So, we’d suggest properly disposing of it.

  • old Mattress Is Starting to Smell

You ever find the mattress of your bed having a bad odor coming from it? It probably hasn’t been cleaned properly and has started to stink. First of all, we are secretly judging you for being so careless and unhygienic, and secondly, please clean it or just have it thrown away.

We won’t actually ask you to throw the mattress away right off the bat. If it smells bad, you can always restore it by deep cleaning it using a power cleaner or any other tool. You want it to smell like freshly washed clothes, like flowers maybe.

But if cleaning it is not an option and it seems like a lost cause, dispose of it. Keeping it or restoring it doesn’t seem like a good idea, in this case.

  • An Accident Caused It to Be Destroyed

By accident, we don’t mean a truck hits your bed and ruins your mattress. While that might happen in a Final Destination movie, we’re talking about something a bit more realistic.

Maybe your mattress gets torn because of some sort of sharp object like a knife or scissors or anything similar. If that is the case with your one, we don’t think you can fix it or continue using it. We recommend you throw away that mattress.

  • You Want an Upgrade

Your sleep should be one of your top priorities. And if a mattress is getting old and starting to feel comparatively less comfortable (but can still be used), you might be thinking of an upgrade.

While that would be somewhat wasting, we suggest you give it away to someone. In this case, disposal does not mean throwing it away, but rather just not keeping it in your own possession.

In What Ways Can You Get Rid of it?

Now that you know why you would want and/or need to dispose of your old mattress, it is time we showed you in how many ways it can be done. Depending on the condition of the mattress, there are several ways you could get rid of it from your house. Let’s take a look at what these ways are!

The noblest thing you can do if you really need to dispose of your mattress is donating it. Many people struggle to find a place to sleep, and so many are forced to live on the streets.

If your mattress is in relatively good condition, we suggest you donate it to someone in need. What do we mean by the good condition? Well, if the mattress can be used to sleep on, does not have any wear and tears, doesn’t smell bad, and has been thoroughly cleaned, it is in a fairly good condition.

There are actually many charity organizations that accept this kind of donations. So, unless you have anyone you know who might need your old mattress, go donate it to a charity. Some well-known ones are listed below.

  • Habitat for Humanity

This is an organization that was built with the sole purpose of ensuring people worldwide are getting sustainable and affordable housing and accommodation. They work endlessly to preserve and rehabilitate existing houses as well.

Habitat for Humanity has its own thrift store where they accept mattresses as well. You could donate your old ones to them and let them do their thing. Contact them for more queries.

  • The Salvation Army

They seem to have a pretty big network of various local websites that take in donations. You could contact them and schedule a pick-up for your mattress, and they will take it away to provide to someone in need of it.

  • Goodwill

Goodwill is a non-profit community-based network that takes donations from people and sells those items at a very affordable price. They have about 162 thrift stores in both the US and Canada.

The thing about Goodwill is that some of their stores accept mattresses that are in fairly good condition, while others don’t at all. So, you want to contact the nearest Goodwill store and ask them if they would be interested in receiving a mattress donation.

Afterward, book a pick-up, and have them take it away!

  • Catholic Charities

A few catholic charities operate various donations to help out homeless people, children in need, refugees, disabled people, and people who can’t afford a decent standard of living.

You will find such charities in almost every state, and all you have to do is contact them. They would probably be in need of a mattress to help someone out, and you might actually make their day!

These donations go pretty much directly to the shelters that these charities run and are used by people residing in those shelters.

Put It Up for Sale

So, your mattress is not in a completely beat-up condition, is it? Maybe try selling it. If it is in good shape, you will get many potential buyers and be able to sell it rather easily.

You could sell it to someone in your area if they are interested or even post it online to any marketplace for sale. Below are some options that you have.

  • eBay or Amazon

eBay and Amazon are two of the most well-known selling platforms, and so many people are selling their stuff on these sites. You could easily post an advert about your mattress, describing its features and the condition it is in, for how long you have used it, and all that.

You will be almost immediately getting calls from potential buyers. Speak to them and see who you want to sell your mattress to.

  • Craigslist

Another common site where people sell used items is Craigslist. They are an online advertising platform that lets you place free adverts within your area. Craigslist operates pretty much the same way Amazon and eBay do. The only difference is that Craigslist only has used items (mostly).

So, you can definitely opt for Craigslist to sell your old mattress and dispose of it from your place.

  • Social Media

Particularly Facebook is a pretty good marketplace for both new and used items. With the new addition of the Facebook marketplace feature, you can now sell pretty much anything on Facebook.

However, that is not all. You can also post adverts for your mattress in various buying and selling groups. Many buyers are already present there and would definitely notice your post and reach out for purchasing it.

Other than that, you can also post stories on Instagram, letting people know that you have a mattress that you want to sell and asking if anyone is interested in it or not.

3. Think about the Environment

No, don’t go joining an eco-movement or anything after reading this article; that is not what this is about. We are talking about recycling your old mattress. The 21st century is all about sustainability and trying to make everything more environmentally friendly. So, instead of wasting, we’re trying to recycle.

You could easily recycle old mattresses that can no longer be used for sleeping on. Now, you could do all that by yourself, or you could donate it to organizations that deal with this kind of stuff.

Yes, there are organizations that take in mattresses and recycle them. And there are actually quite a lot of such organizations.

  • Bye-Bye Mattress

This is a recycling center chain that was built to tackle the consequences of overflowing landfills. They are one of the most prominent mattress recyclers in the United States and are continuing to grow.

You could donate your mattress to them, and rest assured that they will take care of it and recycle it. Bye-Bye Mattress is available in only a few specific states in the US.

Their recycling centers are available in EPR enacted states, that is, California, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. So, if you live in those states, you definitely want to check out their website and have them pick your mattress up for you absolutely for free!

If you’re willing to recycle your mattress, a Bye-Bye Mattress would be one of the perfect choices.

  • Earth 911

Another very prominent organization that deals with recycling mattresses are Earth 911. Their website happens to host the largest recycling databases in the entirety of the United States.

They own about a hundred thousand facilities across North America and Canada. With that many facilities, it is kind of obvious that they would be available in almost every state.

You can contact a facility that is the closest to your area by entering your zip code on their website and see if they want to take in your old mattress. We recommend checking whether they charge any fees for pick up or if they offer it for free.

  • Municipal Offices

Many government municipal offices also deal with a lot of recycling and take in items that can be recycled. Most towns have such offices, which you can contact for your purpose.

Different departments handle different issues. So, your job is to find out which department deals with trash and recycling in your area and contact them.

Chances are, they have a recycling program that might be suitable for you. Call them and ask them where and how you can recycle an old mattress.

In our opinion, recycling in this way is one of the best ways of disposing of a mattress. So, as we mentioned, if the condition isn’t good enough, recycle it.


4. DIY the Mattress for Other Uses

So you like to DIY stuff? Well, we have got the perfect solution for your mattress. You can easily use your old mattress to make it into something out of a 5-minutes crafts video. But what could you possibly make out of a mattress? Apparently, a lot of things! Let’s take a look at some of these.

  • Reuse Other Materials Used in the Mattress

There are many things that are used in producing a mattress. The items used in the production are:

  • Thread
  • Fabric
  • Padding
  • Springs
  • Foam

If you don’t want to use it as a whole, remove the above items from the mattress and use them separately for some other purpose. Confused about how to use the pieces separately? We have got you covered there as well, my friend!

  • Thread

The thread can be reused to stitch any fabric that needs fixing. Luckily, most of the thread used for mattresses remains good enough for reuse, so you can prevent those from going to waste.

  • Fabric

In case the fabric of the mattress cover has not deteriorated over the years, you can use it for various other purposes. You could take out the fabric and make DIY cushion covers, furniture covers, pillowcases, rags, and even grocery bags.

So many things you can do with a simple piece of fabric!

  • Padding

You can use the padding on the mattress for several other purposes. For starters, you can use it for a nice comfy bed for your cat or dog, where they can sleep. Trust us, they would love it and be very happy for their new resting place.

  • Springs

The springs of a mattress are one of the most useful and DIYable parts. You can make so many things out of it that you cannot imagine!

Springs could be colored and used as decoration pieces or turned into wine racks, candle stands, light stands, and more. These springs can even be used as photo holders by attaching a peg onto them.

These little crafts can look really cute and aesthetic and can elevate the look of your house. You can use the springs for Christmas decoration as well. These large springs can be DIYed into makeshift Christmas trees.

For more ideas, you can check out Pinterest; it is filled with thousands of ideas about what to make with a mattress spring.

  • Foam

And lastly, we have the foam of the mattress. As the softest part of a mattress, it is kind of obvious that it would be used to make comfy items such as cushions, pillows, and other similar stuff.

You could turn the mattress itself into the base for children’s playrooms. It would act as a semi-soft surface that would protect them from getting hurt.

The foam of a mattress is usually designed to be very fluffy. However, a used one wouldn’t be as fluffy as a new one, but it can still be reused.

So, the bottom line is, if you are someone who wants to reutilize your old mattress instead of disposing of it completely, we recommend you dismantle it and use its parts separately to make the most out of it.

How to Dispose of an old Mattress?

The above points were ways in which you can get rid of that used mattress of yours. Now, let’s take a look at a step-by-step tutorial on how you will exactly have it taken away from your possession.

This will give you a clear idea of what you will have to do depending on whichever method you choose. So, let’s dive deeper into this how-to.

  • Step One: Figure out What to Do with It

This is the most important step that you need to take if you want to dispose of an old mattress. When you want to get rid of it, you have to decide in which way you would like it to happen.

Earlier, we talked about all of the possible ways you could dispose of a used mattress and gave you a clear idea of how you can execute those methods. So, we’re assuming you now know how to decide on the process.

In case the condition of the mattress is not good enough, and it looks like a storm went over it (maybe even literally, who knows), it’s better to go for recycling methods or DIYing. If that is the case, skip stepping three.

But, if that is not the case, you are going to have to clean it for reuse.

  • Step Two: Clean It Up a Bit (If You Are Giving It Away or Selling It)

Assuming that the condition is good enough, we suggest you have your mattress cleaned properly. This is really important if you want your buyers to actually choose your mattress. And it is not just about the buyers either.

If you choose to donate them, the people receiving dirty and smelly mattresses would not be able to peacefully use them. Letting them have such a mattress would not at all be a nice thing to do.

So, we highly recommend you clean your mattress thoroughly by yourself or have a professional cleaner do it for you. In case you are curious to know about how to clean a mattress properly, continue reading, and you’ll find a tutorial for that too.

  • Step Three: Hire a Professional for Pick Up

So, this one is regardless of whether you choose to recycle it or give it to someone else to use it themselves. You are obviously not going to deliver the mattress yourself, thus you want to hire a pick-up service to take it away from your house.

You’ll have to pay for that service if it is going to be sold on online market places. However, if you are giving it to recycling centers or municipal offices that deal with such stuff, they will come over to your place and pick it up for free.

Some thrift stores and charities also offer free pick-up. You will have to contact them and ask them to provide precise information regarding pick up and proceed with it.

Once confirmed, they should arrive with a truck or some sort of carrying vehicle and take away your old mattress themselves.

  • Step Four: Deliver the Mattress to the Destination

After the pick-up service takes your old mattress with them, they will have it delivered to the desired destination. If you are selling it on Amazon, your buyer might have to pay some extra shipping cost, but that’s a very little amount.

And if it is for a charity or recycling center, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. They know how to do their job.

Cleaning the Mattress Before Sending It Off

As we mentioned before, cleaning the mattress is crucial before sending it to wherever and whoever. And as we have already discussed that people don’t really like to receive mattresses that are almost destroyed, it is really important that you clean it and fix it up to make it slightly more presentable.

Here are some things that you can do in order to clean up and fix up your old mattress if you want your buyers to actually be interested in it.

Getting Rid of Infestations

We believe this one is a no-brainer. No one would want to buy or even be donated a mattress that is still infested with bugs or pests. You have to clean the mattress by brushing it and applying aerosol sprays that can kill and prevent infestation.

You could call in experts or professionals who deal with getting rid of infestations and have them clean it up for you. They know exactly what to do, so you have absolutely nothing to be worried about.

Fixing Structural Issues

A lot of mattresses can get beat up over the years. Some of them might even have lumps or even parts that sunk in a little. This is a minor issue and can be fixed by just a little fluffing up using your hands and not much effort.

You might have to stretch it a little or twist it to make it even again, which shouldn’t be too tough.

But trust us, fixing these structural issues will go a long way. Your buyers would consider it as a nearly new mattress that has been used for only a few months tops if you manage to successfully fix all the lumps and unevenness.

Removing Stains

Let’s face it, mattresses can get dirty and stained sometimes. The big problem with stains is that the mattresses that have them cannot be sold or donated. Whether the stains are small or large, it doesn’t matter.

Stains from any kind of substance that might cause permanent discoloration of the mattress over time probably can’t be removed.

However, some small stains from harmless substances, for instance, pasta sauce, can be removed through some extensive cleaning. Use high-quality cleaners for this purpose to successfully remove these stubborn stains.

Spot Cleaning

This is a method of cleaning if the mattress you own has a couple of small stains. There are actually 3 major ways of doing so.

You could either use non-toxic enzyme-based cleaners that would break down the stain’s chemical properties and help you remove it.Or you could use dishwashing liquid and chemicals like hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. After mixing the three substances, you will be able to clean those stubborn stains by applying the mixture.

And apart from these two, you can also mix salt and lemon extracts into a thick creamy and foamy texture and apply that onto the stains. This one might take a while, so wait for about an hour or so and just wipe it off with any clean cloth.


Believe it or not, vacuuming can be one of the best ways to clean a mattress that might have your dog’s or cat’s hair, dandruff from your head, regular dust, and whatnot.

If you own a vacuum cleaner, go grab it, turn it on and use that bad boy to suck all the dust and dirt particles from the mattress. You would be surprised to see the results.

For the best results with the least amount of effort, we recommend using a handheld vacuum that won’t make you tired. You know, the ones you see in those very oddly satisfying cleaning videos on TikTok? Yeah, those vacuum cleaners.

If you already own one, then great! If you don’t, you might be missing out on some amazing cleaning experience.

Bad Odor Removal

And finally, you want to get rid of any kind of bad odor that is coming off of the mattress. Let’s face it, it’s an old mattress, you shouldn’t be surprised that it smells bad.

Apply some baking soda onto the mattress and then let it sit outside to get some air. This should reduce the smell to a certain degree. So, when you give your mattress to someone else, they don’t have to deal with the smell.

Final Words

And that concludes our take on how to dispose of an old mattress. We hope you found our tips and advice useful, and it’ll come in handy when you do get rid of it.

Remember one thing, regardless of which method you choose, make sure the condition of the mattress isn’t too pathetic. Even recyclers don’t want to see a mattress that has its springs piercing out, ready to kill anyone willing to sit on it.

So, before you send it off, be sure to fix it up a little bit.

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