Habitat Furnishings Review In 2022: In-Depth Guide!

Habitat Furnishings Review
Habitat Furnishings Review

Habitat furnishings has been there for a long time since 1994. It has been known to have quite a number of customers and has established its name in the bedding industry. The brand has a line of products that gives the best to customers all over.

Habitat Furnishings introduces pure latex, digital air bed, latex hybrid mattresses, and pocket coil. Habitat is an aggressive mattress store that has diversified its mattress database to include other bed products like bed bases, foundations, and pure latex topper pads. 

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 The air bed is one of the USA-made mattresses with a full range of customized adjustability and ensures quality protection and support. The models come with piston pumps that help inflate the bed.

The air bed is encased with a pre-installed bamboo cover with a ventilated design to keep you cool all night long. The air bed models include the Ascend, Aloft, and Arise versions with amazing features and styles.

Habitat Pure Latex – Best With Non-Toxic Hybrid King Mattress

Habitat 8" Pure Latex and Certi-Pur Non Toxic Hybrid Cal King 72x84 Mattress

MattressHabitat 8″ pure Latex and Certi-pure non Toxic Hybrid Cal king 72 x 84 mattress is an excellent part of the habitat furnishings brand. The mattress provides uplifting buoyancy and does not sink at the same time.

Habitat Furnishings is something that you will not find annoying at all—turning is excellent since you do not sink deep. It’s made with natural latex on top that relieves the pressure points and distributes your weight effectively on the mattress.

What most people don’t understand is that a mattress affects the way your day will be. It affects your mood, mind, and body. If you get the wrong mattress, it will affect your body’s pressure points and make your body feel fatigued and tired. With the weight distributed effectively, you have a nice sleep every night and feel refreshed every day. The Certi-Pur supports foam layers beneath and will not compress or form nuts on it. 

They are also VOC-free and do not contain formaldehyde. There is no mystery in the mattress construction with the Cal King mattress and no toxic adhesives. Water-based adhesives have been used for healthy sleep all time.

The pre-installed organic cover maintains a cool surface on the mattress even after hours of lying through the ventilated design with airflow regulation. Certi-Pur high-density foam mattress provides amazing comfort and support at an affordable price. The comfort you get from the Cal King mattress 72 x 84 inches is something you could not get anywhere. It’s made to fit your bed perfectly as long as you order the right size. You will not be disappointed at the performance the mattress offer you.


  • Cool mattress
  • Firm when sleeping and does not sink deep
  • Inflatable
  • It comes with a pump
  • Has natural latex on top that relieves pressure points


  • No Major Issue

Habitat Certi-Pure Non-Toxic – Best Hybrid Queen Mattress

Habitat 8" Pure Latex and Certi-Pur Non Toxic Hybrid Queen 60x80 Mattress

Habitat 8″ pure latex and Certi-Pur Non-Toxic Hybrid Queen 60 x 80 mattress is one of the best ones to get for your home use. The mattress brand of the habitat furnishings is the best and gives the best performance to you. However, the mattress comes with an uplifting buoyancy. It does not sink deep in any way. You can easily turn around on the mattress and feel better and well balanced on it.

The mattress takes care of your pressure points and distributes your weight throughout to give you a balanced sleep at night. With the mattress, you don’t have to worry about fatigue at all. It makes sure your day is fresh and relaxed. Not all mattresses can give the effect the latex mattress does. There is no harmful chemical used on the mattress, and you get to experience what an environment-friendly mattress feels like. It has a great cooling effect on it, leaving you to feel cool when sleeping and comfortable.

The mattress offers a spacious sleep surface to you and can share with your partner and feel comfortable no sinking at all. The mattress has the signature green piping that embellishes the cotton covet for a polished and seamless finish that you will like at first sight. The utmost appearance of the mattress makes you want to sleep on the spot. It’s an excellent mattress to have at home.


  • Relieves pressure points
  • Firm surface
  • Spacious surface
  • Has cooling effect
  • Queen size


  • No Major Issue

4 Things You Should Know Before Buying The Right Habitat Furnishings In 2022

Knowing how to choose the right mattress that suits your need is very important. Here are some of the things to consider when buying habitat furnishing mattresses.

  • Go to the Store and select from the choices available

When you buy from the Store, it becomes easier for you to get the right mattress. There are many online Stores of habitat, and you may not be disappointed. You could as well go to the Store personally and test the mattress out before you buy. Buying from the Store makes your choice more realistic by testing it by lying on it and feeling how comfortable it is for you

  • Check the reviews by others 

When buying the mattresses online, you have to look at the reviews of others that have used or bought them at the same time. The reviews by people who have experienced the mattress’s life are essential for you to make a decision. It has a way of guiding you in making the right decision on the mattress. If you could look into testimonials, it could be even better.

  • Budget

What are you looking for, and how much are you willing to spend? The habitat mattresses are the best, and they come at a bit of a cost. For more than $1000, you get an amazing mattress with features that make your night peaceful and comfortable. To get the best of the night’s sleep, you may have to dig deeper than the $1000 for latex mattress bets. When going for the mattress, you have to make plans for it save up to meet the price

  • Check the comfort

Before buying the mattress, you have to consider how comfortable the mattress would be. Most people prefer to visit the Store and test out themselves. It’s one way to make sure you have got the right mattress. For those looking for the mattress online, you have to look at the reviews of those who have used it and see how comfortable they feel. Some mattress has a return policy and warranty.

The FAQs (Frequently Ask Questions)

  • How comfortable is the latex 8 mattress?

Latex mattresses are made to make the user feel comfortable all night long. It has a great pressure point reliever that makes sure the body is relaxed. It also has a firm surface that does not sink deep, and turning is no problem. The mattress is comfortable in so many ways that you will not regret spending your money on it.

  • Is it worth a latex 8″ mattress?

Yes. It’s worth getting the latex 8 mattress. It is made from natural material and is comfortable when sleeping. It’s made to give you incredible performance for a long time.

  • What kind of sheets do I need for my Air Bed?

 For an air bed, you can use a standard fitted and flat sheets on it. Usually, the habitat air beds are 11″ tall, and most of them, when you buy, fit completely. When you get a deep pocket, it may be too baggy for it since they are meant to fit deeper mattresses. Make sure you know the measurement of the air bed before buying sheets.

  • Is it worth your money?

Yes. The comfort you get from the mattresses makes it worth it.

Would you recommend it to family and friends? 

Yes. It comes with amazing features that make it worth having at home. It’s suitable for all ages and weights.


Getting the right mattress is quite important. Remember, sleep has a great effect on your everyday life. When you have little sleep or sleep on the wrong mattress, you tend to have a bad day and fatigue in your body. Habitat furnishings offer the best mattresses we have seen, and they give comfort that makes your body relax during the day.

Even the air bed from the habitat is amazing and does not sink when you sleep. It also comes in different sizes. To get the best of habitat, look at the different products they offer and make the decision after research. Look at the reviews by others and enjoy. Some of the latex mattresses from amazon have great reviews and show just how people live it.

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