What Is The Best Portable Guest Bed in 2021? Top Picked And Reviewed!

Best Portable Guest Bed
Best Portable Guest Bed

Whether you’re having an Airbnb guest or just preparing to have a sleepover with friends, getting the best portable guest but there is a great idea to amp up your hosting game.

In fact, with the shrinking room sizes of modern-day apartments, it might even be the best investment you make! Easy to store and easy to clean, these products might as well be a staple to minimalist living.

But wait, with so many options, what’s the perfect fit for your living space? Well, here are a few amazing recommendations. Read through to find out which one suits your fancy.

Let’s unfold these together, shall we?

Benefits and Drawbacks of Portable Guest Bed

Any product you choose to bring home is bound to have both pros and cons. But when the benefits outweigh the drawbacks, that’s when you’ll know that your decision was a good one. So, before you pull out the bucks, we’ve got some facts to enlighten you.

The benefits of owning a portable bed for guests would include the following:

  • Easy to set up and easy to clean. They have removable covers, which can be usually machine-washed as needed.
  • The memory foams used in them don’t lose their shapes easily.
  • Provides the comfort of a regular bed without taking up too much space. Can be stored away anytime to clear up a room.
  • Can double as a camping bed since they’re easy to carry.
  • Saves money since they’re affordable.
  • They have ready-to-use features which means you don’t have to set them up every time a guest comes over. Just pop it out of the closet and unfold it for use.
  • Not only are they convenient, but they’re also modern and look great in any home setting!

But what’s the catch? While there aren’t any revolutionary drawbacks that would make us change our minds, here are a few factors to think about beforehand:

  • They aren’t permanent solutions to your sleeping needs. Bachelors and college students, we’re looking at you – don’t settle for these as permanent beds to use year-round. You won’t find the same comfort in them as a regular bed with a good mattress.
  • Depending on the shape and type, these beds have limitations in terms of sleeping positions. And if you’re the type who rolls around a lot, it might be a bit troublesome to sleep in a limited space every night.

The Top Rated 14 Best Portable Guest Bed Reviews of 2021

To make sure you’re not going to have buyer’s remorse, check out a few reviews to see what you like. We’ve dug up the best of the bunch to help you find the perfect one.

  1. Milliard Diplomat Folding Bed – Twin Size

Nothing sours a sleeping experience more than a flimsy mattress that shifts every time you move. And having a guest go through all of that would be just awful. That’s why we recommend getting this Diplomat folding bed from the Milliard Store.

We loved how well-designed and practical this product was. While many of the portable mattresses in the market either swallow you up or feels like bricks and cobblestones, this one doesn’t. It’s made of 4 inches of base foam that’s soft with a memory foam layer on top. So, it’s not too soft nor too stiff.

This has great quality steel tubing with double reinforcements to make sure the bed is stable. The total weight of the product is 57 pounds, and it can hold as much as 300 lbs. of weight with ease.

And unlike many bulky mattresses in stores, this one is only 14 inches in width once folded. Hence, storing it is a piece of cake. They’ve also included wheels into the design which helps maneuver and move it from one room to the other while folded.



  • Easy to put together
  • Firm base with a squishy surface that’s very comfy
  • Good weight capacity
  • The high-quality welded metal frame is durable
  • Has wheels for ease of transport


  • It’s pricey
  • Too low for anyone with mobility issues related to the knee or hip


Why Should You Buy This Product?

This bed is as comfortable as a regular one. It’s perfect for people with back pains or side-sleeping tendencies due to its memory foam top and non-slip bottom.


  1. Milliard Tri Folding Memory Foam Mattress

Not a fan of clunky metal frames or mesh-wired springy sleeping surfaces? Then consider getting this very simple and extremely comfortable tri-fold mattress instead. It’s designed to fit comfortably in a compact space only to unfold into a well-sized bed for someone as big as a 6 ft man.

The base on this is a good 4 1/2 inches in width and made of medium-firm polyurethane foam. So, the support is great and solid. But that’s not to say it lacks in softness.

In fact, the top cover is made of soft bamboo allows it to be breathable and spongy. The layer of memory foam at the upper part only adds to this. Also, the sides are meshed, making this a very comfortable bed for hot and humid weather.

Setting this up is as easy as pie since there’s no framing involved. You can spread it on the floor and have it ready to be slept on. Although the company instructs us to leave it for 48 hours for it to inflate, we found that a couple of hours was more than enough.



  • Breathable and very soft surface
  • Memory foam holds its shape well
  • Inflates very quickly
  • Involves no metal frames to set up and is seamless
  • Has great base support and height


  • Difficult to carry as it doesn’t come with a bag
  • A bit on the softer side


Why Should You Buy This Product?

The foam on this is CertiPUR certified and of premium quality that won’t lose its shape and will be breathable throughout warm nights.


  1. SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress

If weight capacity is your main concern, then this should be a great option for you. This SoundAsleep mattress weighs 8.6 kilograms and can hold as much as 500 pounds with ease. Being a queen-sized bed, it’s big enough for two people to comfortably share.

Since this has double-height construction with dual chambers, it’s perfect for seniors and kids alike. The material used for this is eco-friendly PVC. So, it’s both water-resistant and puncture-resistant. You can easily have this for years without needing a replacement.

For quick inflation and deflation, there’s an internal pump that you can operate with one click. It rises in about 4 minutes and holds its shape for days. And the best part is – you get to choose your desired firmness. If it’s too soft for you after a few uses, you can pump it back to the desired shape in no time.

What’s more, the SureGrip bottom ensures that the mattress doesn’t slide when a guest rolls around at night. There are 40 air coils internally that provide support and increase the product’s durability by leaps and bounds.



  • Can hold a lot of weight (500 pounds max)
  • Has a one-click internal pump
  • Easily inflated and deflated
  • Durable construction with PVC material
  • Water-resistant


  • After a few uses, it curves up in the middle which needs pumping again
  • Dimples are a bit uncomfortable for some


Why Should You Buy This Product?

By getting this, you invest in a space for two adults or three kids to sleep on as this is a big mattress. And the ComfortCoil Technology exclusively used in this prevents slipping and gives great stability and firmness for years.


  1. Leisuit Rollaway Guest Bed Cot Fold Out Bed

One of the best items you can invest in to impress guests is this foldable bed from LEISUIT. It’s black in color and made of metal that’s very durable. You can literally assemble this in a matter of minutes without any hassle.

Moreover, stowing this away in a cabinet or closet is fairly easy given how slim it gets when folded. While regular dimensions are 75x31x14 inches, once folded, it becomes 37x31x6.7 inches. So, it has you covered in the area saving department too.

The high-strength 600D Oxford material used in this, compared to regular wire mesh or wood, is much more comfortable. It’s also a lot more elastic. This is why it provides spring support that can hold a lot of weight.

The maximum weight capacity for this bed is 300 lbs. Our favorite thing about this product was its balanced height. It’s not too low nor too high- laying about a foot or two off the floor. So, it gives you the feeling of sleeping on a proper bed and is very suitable for seniors with health issues.



  • Has a good height of the floor
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Takes up minimum space when folded or in use
  • Made of durable material
  • Affordable price point


  • Only meant for one person
  • Difficult to find mattresses as add-ons


Why Should You Buy This Product?

You’ll be able to host seniors with ease by investing in this product as it has a springy design and good height that’s rare for portable beds. Also, assembling this requires absolutely no tools.


  1. LUCID Rollaway Folding Guest Bed

While many of you might not like lucid dreams, we’re sure you’ll like this rolling cot from the brand LUCID. It’s more than just your average air mattress or foldable foam. In fact, thanks to the cross-bar-free construction, you can sleep on this without having to deal with a hard surface under the mattress.

We loved this for the size variation of the same design. You get to choose either a cot, a twin, or a twin XL mattress that’s all the same shape and style. And the fact that it can hold 350 pounds easily makes it even more impressive and durable.

This has a heavy-duty bed frame with spring-supported decks. So, we found it to be more supportive than wood slat and wire mesh materials.

Assembling this was easy as pie since it required no tools at all. There are wheels for locking it in place or moving the mattress from one room to the other. The mattress cover is soft and breathable since it’s made from bamboo rayon. For people with sensitive skin or sweaty snoozers, this is perfect.



  • Easy to store and assemble
  • The cover is soft and great for sensitive skin
  • Dual locking wheels included
  • Very supportive frame
  • Size variation available


  • Doesn’t stand level in the folded position but wobbles a bit
  • Mattress cover can’t be washed (just spot cleaning is possible)


Why Should You Buy This Product?

Investing in this bed will ensure any of your guests, regardless of age, skin sensitivity, or allergies will be able to use it with ease. The memory foam is CertiPUR US certified and doesn’t have any harmful odors.


  1. Cozzzi Folding Mattress

Now, let’s talk about this super lightweight tri-fold mattress from Cozzzi. This is a product weighing just a bit over 10 pounds but can easily compete with any higher-end heavy mattresses in stores. We tried using it for an overnight trip, and damn was this comfy!

Forget your back pains, shoulder aches, stiff necks, or any other troublesome issues accompanying bad sleeping postures. After using this for more than two weeks, we can guarantee you that you’ll be having none of that (it’s that comfortable!).

This is a product made from high-density foam that’s known for its therapeutic results. Besides sleeping, it can be used for yoga or exercises due to its firmness and proper support. And don’t worry if you get all sweaty afterward- the cover is machine washable and can be replaced.

Due to the tri-folding feature, it takes up lesser space for storage. There are handles attached to the sides so that you can easily carry them when folded. And if you fold it halfway, it turns into the most relaxing back-rest seat that one can ask for.



  • Super comfortable
  • Takes up less storage space
  • Portable due to attached handles
  • Suited for multiple uses (yoga mat, backrest, etc)
  • Washable cover with a zipper installed


  • Thin bamboo fiber material on the backside wears out easily
  • Width-wise it’s a bit narrow for side sleepers


Why Should You Buy This Product?

We recommend getting this one due to its versatile usage options and the great comfort it offers for stiff backs.


  1. Best Inflatable Bed By Fox Airbeds

If you’re looking for an air bed that’s both stiff and spacious, then this one should be perfect. From the many we’ve used, this product is hands down the best king size air mattress with a built-in pump.

The flip of a switch is all it’ll take to get this up and inflated in no time. Moreover, there’s an external pump that operates via a pinch valve. This makes it perfect for camping. Nothing like having a queen-sized bed in your tent, right?

Since this product is made from thick vinyl, it’s more resistant to punctures compares to others of its kind. Any standard-sized queen bed sheets will fit this futon. To keep the bed from sagging at the edges, there are side chambers that hold the shape.

And the thing that we loved the most about this air bed is how much it looks like normal bedding. It doesn’t look cheap or like a makeshift alternative at all. Throw in a bunch of cushions and a cute bedsheet on top and use it as your guest’s sleeping abode!



  • Has great weight capacity from 750 to 400 lbs
  • Looks like a regular bed
  • Durable build
  • Built-in and external pumps
  • Affordable


  • The bag it comes with is a bit small to use for storage
  • Needs air-filling often


Why Should You Buy This Product?

It’s a high-quality airbed at an affordable price that’s won’t sag or puncture. So, investing in this will go a long way in making long-term guests comfortable.


  1. Zinus Weekender Elite Folding Guest Bed

One of our biggest pet peeves for framed portable beds is the flimsiness of their legs. You’ll find a lot of them with cheap framing that moves whenever you do. And let’s just say it doesn’t create a pleasant sleeping environment.

Luckily, we found this amazingly well-made foldable bed from Zinus. It’s built to perfection using a deluxe steel frame with casters. The legs on this don’t move around on the floor when used since the casters are positioned precisely to prevent that.

Adding more comfort to the design is the Comfort Foam padding of 3 inches thickness. There’s a top layer of 1-inch micro-fiber padding that ensures softness to assist sound sleep.

Moreover, the cover is knitted jacquard which not only looks premium but feels premium too. It’s also washable so you can ensure proper hygienic use of the bed.

The core of this mattress is filled with shredded memory foam that’s great for giving support. Us stomach sleepers had a great time snoozing away on this thanks to that.For the price it’s available in, this is a sure bang for the buck.



  • Washable premium cover
  • Reasonable price point
  • Very durable due to the deluxe steel frame
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Provides awesome support


  • A bit on the stiffer side
  • Folding it is a hassle since you need to take off the mattress


Why Should You Buy This Product?

This is a great value-buy as its frame and cover are premium quality, and there’s Pressure Relieving Comfort Foam in this to give the best support.


  1. Inofia Foldable Folding Bed

Remember how we mentioned portable beds not being good enough for year-round use? Well, this product right here managed to change our minds quite a bit. And we thought you should know and keep it under your radar as well.

So, you might ask, why are we considering it as a replacement to our beloved blanket-filled regular bedding? Let us elaborate. This is perhaps the most heavy-duty and well-designed comfy folding bed in its price range. We honestly couldn’t believe it was so affordable yet so sturdy.

The welded steel construction for the frame makes it stronger than others in stores. And the tubular metal supports add a firm foundation that’s easy to fold without any noise.

Assembling this was no hassle at all. We did it in under 6 minutes without any extra tools, thanks to the included instructions. A nice detail was the blue breathable mesh on the sides. It’s meant to prevent excessive sweating or to get hot during summer nights which is very convenient.



  • Due to its thickness, it cushions the body well
  • Portable due to wheels
  • Very heavy-duty construction
  • Good price
  • Heat dissipating sides


  • Since it’s full-sized, more space is needed to store this than your average one
  • Wheel locks are sometimes ineffective


Why Should You Buy This Product?

It’s super heavy-duty and also suitable for regular/long-term use if your guest is here to stay awhile. And it doesn’t cost much either.

  1. Quictent Heavy Duty Folding Bed

When it comes to alternative beds, added supports really do increase their overall longevity. So, if that’s your priority, you might want to check out this foam construction mattress from Quictent.

While this may look like your average folding sack, it’s got something else underneath. And no, it’s not monsters or bedbugs (yikes!). Instead, they’ve got what we all look for in these cots- added support belts.

Besides the bracing belts, this has a high-density 600D Oxford base pad. On top of this, there are 3 inches of foam for a comfortable spongy feeling. The cover is made of 3D micro-quilt material, which is very relaxing to lie down on.

And perhaps the best part about this product is how it is to store it. Unlike some others we reviewed, this comes with a bag that fits the folded item perfectly. You can stow it away in a closet or a cabinet without trouble.



  • Easy to store thanks to the compact bag and straps
  • Great material for the cover
  • Extra-wide and quite roomy
  • Great for camping
  • Has extra brace belts for support and base padding for height


  • Not ideal for sitting on due to its height
  • Some of us noticed a slight fishy smell from the foam


Why Should You Buy This Product?

You should get this product because it’s the easiest to store out of all the ones we reviewed and is very wide so that you don’t wake up with your shoulder cramping on the frame bars.


  1. Linon Home Dcor Memory Foam Luxor Folding Bed

Another great product that can serve well as a good sleeping solution for your temporary guest is this one from the brand Linon Home Dcor. This is a standard-sized folding bed that can accommodate an adult or two small children very easily.

This is made of polyester polyurethane foam that’s smooth and topped with memory foam. Its size is compatible with twin flat sheets. To be precise, the mattress dimensions are 4″ x 31″x74.5″.

While this isn’t the sturdiest of the bunch, its steel construction still makes it last a good while. The wood slat supports used in this have been combined with the metal tube framing.And the cover looks elegant and feels soft due to the Beige colored Damask Fabric.

It’s easy to open and close automatically due to the legs extending on their own. The casters provide easy mobility, and there are wheels for rolling it away in a folded position.And the best thing about this particular item is its super affordability. But it does come at a cost- the weight capacity, which is just 275lbs.



  • Very affordable
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Mattress looks nice
  • Provides good support
  • Has wheels for added portability


  • Not the most durable
  • Lesser weight capacity


Why Should You Buy This Product?

We recommend this product because it’s affordable and has an Elegant Beige Damask Fabric Cover, which looks good even without bedsheets.


  1. Giantex Folding Guest Bed Frame with Mattress

Looking for something totally unique and much more versatile? Well, here’s a product that’ll fit into those two categories. This Giantex folding mattress is the perfect piece of furniture to add to the modern home setup.

Keep your drunk friends off the floor and on their comfy mattresses all night with this portable sleeping sack. It’s got handrails to prevent anyone from rolling over and pockets on both sides to keep a few snacks handy.

Another highlight of this product is its high-quality mattress made of a 3.5″ elastic sponge. The cover for it has a zipper to remove and wash. And unlike the average portable furniture, this has 8 wheels making it super easy to transport. Out of those 8, 4 wheels are lockable, and the T-type design adds stability.

You’ll be blown away by just how versatile this one bed is (we know we were!). It has 6 adjustable positions to ensure the maximum comfort of your guests. They can use this as a relaxing lounge by day and snooze away on it at night.



  • The headrest is adjustable in 6 different positions
  • Has side pockets and handrails
  • Very durable and rust-resistant construction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • High-quality mattress


  • The mattress is very firm
  • As it’s quite low in height, getting up is difficult for seniors


Why Should You Buy This Product?

You should get this product if you want something adjustable, multi-purpose, and extremely sturdy.


  1. Gold Star Mattress – Rollaway Guest Folding Bed Cot

For those of you seeking a product that can double as a guest bed and a camping bed, this one might interest you. This versatile folding cot is something we found perfectly fit to be used both outdoors and indoors.

Weighing just 20 pounds, it’s easy to carry and easy to assemble anywhere. And once folded, it turns into a compact box with a meager 7 inches of thickness. Not only does this make keeping it in a small storage spot super easy, but it also makes it more portable.

The frame material for this is premium-grade steel, and there are double reinforcements. Its legs are very stable, and you can bet it won’t creak or move when your guest is turning or rolling.Since this is made from high-density foam that’s super soft, breathable, and thick (3″), it’s both relaxing and long-lasting.

Its mattress is very comfortable as it contours to the shape of your body and is great for people of different shapes, heights, and sizes. And compared to wooden supports, this one is better by leaps and miles.



  • Travel-friendly and portable
  • Good quality mattress
  • Takes up little space in storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Sturdy construction


  • A bit expensive relative to its size
  • Not the best for people with back pain


Why Should You Buy This Product?

This is great for camping due to the lightweight and compact folded size besides being used as an extra bed at home.

  1. JINGWEI Folding Mattress

Coming down to our last pick of the bunch, let’s talk about a product that’s suitable for use as a bed, a yoga mat, a play mat, or even in the back of your ride. This Jingwei foam construction bed is a great item to invest in for hosting guests. With no metal framing or design complications, it’s both low-maintenance and low cost but totally worth it in the long run.

This mattress features a two-layer design – the first one consists of breathable technology, and the second is high-density foam. To be more precise, there’s cooling-gel memory foam in this that absorbs 95% of your body pressure and relaxes the sleeper. Again, you have the 3″ high foam support for a firm backing.

From the small and narrow twin all the way up to a full or queen-sized mattress, you get to choose any size of this. The cover on this is very soft on top and has non-slip dots in the bottom. It takes about 23 hours to expand and be ready.

As this is both CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX 100 certified, you can rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals involved in this. Children can thus use it safely.



  • Size variations available
  • Has breathable material
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for multi-purpose use
  • Certified to be free from harmful chemicals


  • Foam isn’t very dense
  • Doesn’t come with a storage bag


Why Should You Buy This Product?

Since this particular product has been designed with Cooling Technology, it will keep you (or a guest) well ventilated during the long summer nights.


Things To Consider Before Buying

When it comes to decision-making on any new furniture, admittedly, we’re all a bit clueless. But that doesn’t have to be the way if you know what to look for. So, here are a few things to consider:

  • Size

First of all, consider the purpose you’re getting this for. Whether the product is for one person, two, or multiple will matter a lot in finalizing your decision. There are a lot of queen-sized portable mattresses nowadays, but king-sized ones are rare to find. The regular ones are great for sharing with a pet but not the best for two adults.

Besides, if you’re running short on room space, then getting a cot, a twin, or a twin XL bed is a good idea. Twin XL ones are usually a bit longer and specious enough for teens or one adult.

Also, remember that there are companies that make mattresses of irregular sizes as well. Those can be wider or longer than the standard size. For more niched uses, we usually opt for those unconventional ones as they fit into our purpose much better.

  • Portability

If you’re planning to use it outside of the home, i.e., for camping or road trip purposes, then do eye its portability. Many comfy mattresses are easy to transport. We recommend getting something that’s trifold or four-fold in design. Those fit into trunks and bags really easily.

  • Framing

The framing material is important to ensure the durability of the product. If it’s made of wood slat or mesh wire, chances are you’ll get tired of the springy feel pretty soon.

But investing in something made of steel will ensure that your guests get all the support and sturdiness needed to sleep well. The double reinforced steel frames are more premium and last a lot longer.

But if you’re a couch potato who likes the springy cushioning feels, a mesh wire won’t be so bad either. There are a few we reviewed with mesh wire and brace belts that are really sturdy.

  • Thickness and Height

This is especially important if the potential user of the foam is a senior or someone having hip/knee issues. If the foam and overall structure of the bed are thicker, it’ll provide better support.

A mattress that’s 8-inches thick will obviously be better than something that’s 4 inches. And if the structure rests above the floor to a height of one to three feet, it’s perfect for giving the feeling of a regular bed.

Bigger adults will appreciate thicker mattresses since they won’t sag on the floor as easily. But beware because they do tend to cost more.

  • Top Cover

Is the cover removable? Is it water-proof? Can you wash it in the washing machine without fearing shrinkage? These are the questions you should ask yourself when looking at the mattress cover.

For campers, water-resistant covers are a must. Trust us- you wouldn’t want to sleep on a wet bed in the wilderness.

And if you get something that’s not removable, it makes cleaning difficult- almost impossible. Either vacuum it or have it dusted every day. But you’ll have the option of using clean linens on top if you don’t mind the hassle.

  • Storage and Space

Perhaps one of the best things about getting an airbed or portable mattress is how they can be hidden away when not in use. They don’t take up your floor space permanently. So, once your guests make an exit, you can have your room tidied up in no time.

This is why you should check out the width of the product once it’s folded. If you want to fit it in the closet, a cabinet, or the back of your car, then make sure you know the measurements that’ll fit. We encourage getting a trifold mattress as those tend to be very compact once folded up.

  • Comfortable Materials

Apart from all the fancy mumbo-jumbo, the main job of any of these beds is to help you get a good night’s sleep. So, the materials used should be comfortable enough to assist sound sleeping.

While the cheapest option is to get a polyfoam, there are other better options like memory foam that’s usually within budget. High-quality and high-density memory foams do cost more, but how far will you go for comfort?

Moreover, there are visco-latex layered foams that combine the memory foams and latex materials to give a bouncier feel. But beware of investing in something like this since people with a latex allergy will not be able to use it.

  • Ease of Assembling

While pressing that “Buy” button is easy, setting something up for use is a whole different game. It’s not something easily done without instructions. So, if the product you’ve chosen comes with assembly instructions, it’s always a positive.

We noticed that most of the portable furniture is actually really easy to set up. You screw in a few bolts and or open the plastic wrapping to unfold the mattress. There are lots of them that don’t even need that little effort.

But keep in mind that if your mattress takes forever to inflate, your guest will probably be sleeping on a sagging bag on the floor. Notice the inflation time and how long it’ll stay that way. Many of the products we’ve enlisted rise to the task within just a few hours. You can definitely rely on any of those.

  • Additional Features

Since you’ll be getting something for your guests, it’s not too much to ask for a few added features to stand out from everyone else. To make a lasting impression on your guests, get something that has added pockets or extra support.

If it comes with a compact storing bag, that’s a big advantage for you. It makes things easier to move from one place to the other.

The best king size air mattress for camping will be the one that’s got water-resistant and puncture-resistant features on top of everything else. Frames that are adjustable in height, or have a hand rest to make them more versatile are ergonomic and very good for long-term usage.

  • Affordability and Value

It’s one thing to get something expensive, and it’s another to buy something of quality. Here’s where the value factor comes in.  Something that’s made of high-quality materials but still in the budget will last you way longer than something that’s only expensive.

Besides, if you’re on a budget, affordability is something that should be a top priority while buying anything. Saving a few bucks on a replacement extra bed won’t hurt, right?

  • Design and Color

If you’re looking to make a lasting impression on whoever is staying over, the design and color of the product will matter just as much as its functionality. So, while it’s the last category to look out for, it’s definitely not the least important.

Even when you set it up, the foldable bed should not look like a cheap flimsy bed that’s completely out of place. Consider how your home is decorated and go on from there to find something that looks great and feels great.


Types of Portable Mattress

Now that we’ve got down all the things to look for in a guest bed, it’s high time to know about the types. And yes, there are quite a few. Some of these are the following:

  • Folding Mattress

These can be tri-fold or four-fold. The type of mattresses that are separated by sectioned joints to fold up easily are folding mattresses. You’ll find these particularly convenient for setting up on the floor of a home or a tent and hiding in a small cabinet otherwise.

  • Rollaway Mattress

These are lightweight mattresses made of foam and compact in nature. You can roll them away after you’re done using them. One of the best things about these is how thin they are. This is why they don’t get bulky even after rolling. You can use additional foams and sheets on top to comfy them up.

  • Air Beds

Now let’s talk about something a bit more modern. The air beds are mattresses with built-in pumps that are used to inflate or deflate them. Some even have external pumps. You’ll find a lot of these having water-resistant features, too, since they’re very travel-friendly.

  • Cots

These portable beds are usually more foldable and have steel or wood frames on which the mattress is set up. Fabrics are used to stretch over that. They’re like rollaway beds but more suitable to cater to guests.

  • Japanese Futons

Floor cushions that are originally a Japanese tradition have taken stores by storm these days. And we’re not surprised given how comfortable these are. Futons or floor cushions are thinner and have one piece of foam or filling. These don’t have separate foam pieces joined but are a single piece on their own.

  • Folding Rollaway Bed

This type of portable product is a combination of the previous two we mentioned- rollaway and folding ones. They’re much more similar to regular beds and can be used for extended periods comfortably. These usually have casters to move them around and can be folded in half.

Many people like using these since it caters to the needs of elders and people with knee issues owing to the product height. And for colder regions, it’s great since it keeps the person away from the freezing floorboards. So, if you’ve got parents or older family members coming over, this one’s the way to go.

Top-Rated Brands on the Market

Knowing what’s going on in the market for things can potentially help you make the best choice. It’s no exception in terms of makeshift or alternative furniture. And there’s no better way to up your game than getting to know the top brands out there. So here they are!

  • Zinus

Whenever you ask around about what the best king-size air mattress for everyday use is, you’ll probably hear this brand’s name a lot. Well, given their high quality and functional designs, they honestly deserve the credit. The brand is very popular among campers and home decorators alike.

  • Milliard

In case of variety in size and consistency of quality, there are a few other brands that live up to the mark as Milliard can. It’s no wonder our personal favorite portable bed is also from this brand. Having awesome customer care and really good mattresses, you can definitely rely on them to have you back (literally!).


Another company that’s very creative with its designs, advertising, and consistently at the top is this one. Comfort is their middle name because their beds are designed to promote relaxation more than just convenience. Not sure about what to get? Go for something from Lucid without a doubt.

SoundAsleep Dream Series

Not only does this brand’s name sound dreamy, but its products also promote equally dream-like relaxing experiences. This series has been popular in stores for a long while. People just can’t seem to get enough.

When we reviewed their items, we were blown away by how comfy they were. Needless to say, we forgot our regular beds for a long while afterward.

  • Cozzi

Cozy up with a portable sleeping mat from this brand because that’s exactly what their products are for. This company targets to give quality products at affordable costs rather. Rather than pushing out something that’ll sell, they provide products that customers are bound to fall in love with. No wonder they’re famous!

  • Giantex

Where would we be without a company like Giantex launching the most unique and ergonomic guest beds? Rated as one of the best brands to put your faith in, this brand has some great options for versatile beds. We even included one of their top-selling high-quality items in our favorites list, so check that out.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are portable beds called?

These products have a variety of names amongst different communities. Some people call them cots, camp beds, air beds, or tent beds. They’re usually used for RVs or as an extra sleeping place for overnight company. Storm shelters also use these to accommodate people during emergencies.

  1. Are our folding beds good for sleeping?

Yes, they’re great for sleeping, given the foams are layered. One can use them for a few days when guests are over and fold them away to clear up space afterward.

  1. Can you sleep on an air bed year-round?

As these products are meant for occasional use, their support isn’t the same as regular beds. So, using them every day of the year can cause stiff backs or even misalignment of the spine. This is especially true for children of young age.

  1. Why do air beds keep deflating overnight?

Air condenses and causes the mattress to deflate overnight. This is because the temperature drops, and the cold causes it to lose pressure. So, while your mattress is inflated during the day, it will lose some of that pressure by morning. And that’s totally normal.

  1. Can portable beds explode?

Well, if you’re talking about the air-based ones, then they do have a chance of exploding. The best way to ensure they don’t is by keeping them away from windows, sharp objects, and stairs.

  1. Is it possible to fold up a memory foam mattress?

No, you can’t fold memory foam since it’ll damage the material. But if it’s made of solid latex solid foam or mixed, then you can manipulate it easily and fold it.

  1. Do rollaway beds have weight limits?

In general, portable beds of any time (if they’re standard-sized) will have a weight limit of 300-400 pounds. Of course, it depends on the material and overall design of the bed.

  1. How do I fix a dip in memory foam?

You can fix this by installing a mattress topper after placing soft pillows under the dip. Sagging parts can also be fixed by filling it with air if it’s got a pump.

  1. Is it bad to leave an air bed inflated?

There’s honestly nothing wrong with doing this. But it’s advised not to because your mattress filled with air can get punctured or leak. There’s also the chance of an accidental explosion if you have pets or kids at home.

Final Words

A part of being a good host is making sure your guests have a good night’s sleep. After all, resting up is akin to having a good time. And we’re more than happy to help you ensure just that. With our buying guide and reviews at the tip of your fingers, there’s nothing to worry about anymore.

So, what’re you waiting for? Arrange for a warm welcome with the best portable guest bed out there. You know they’ll be talking about it for months after!

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