Bed Size Dimensions – Complete Guide To Bed Dimensions!

Believe it or not, we all spend around one-third of our life in bed! So, the bed you’re using should be equipped with a perfect size, especially if comfort is what you’re concerned about.

Knowing the bed size dimensions will definitely help you pick the right one for your house. For instance, if you’re looking for a bed to stay together with your partner, children, and loving pet, getting a twin size (ideal for guest room) bed doesn’t make any sense to me!

Lets Gets Some Of Idea About The Bed Size Dimensions!

So, let me show you a couple of different types of beds and their actual sizes. Try to check this entire writing out to see which one suits your home and your needs.

Dimensions Chart And Mattress Sizes
Dimensions Chart And Mattress Sizes

Types of Bed and Their Sizes

With the development of our lifestyles, a lot of things have changed, for example, the bed sizes in our rooms.

To be honest, the size of the bed depends on the users who are using it. They can do modifications according to the level of their comfort zone.

Now, we’re going to share some of the common types of beds available in the market. So, sit tight and don’t miss any part.

King Size Bed

Let’s start with the big fish in the pond, the king-size bed. This particular bed is a masterpiece for everyone, from single to couples with their children and pets. Also, due to its wide space, it’s a thing of luxury to the people who love to have a peaceful and sound sleep.

Sharing the bed with children or pets is very much enjoyable and pleasant whether you are a couple or single. This spacious bed allows you to twist, turn, sweep, stretch, and toss around the bed with ease and comfort.

Now, let’s draw attention to the dimension it comes with. The bed is around 80 inches long and 76 inches wide. That means a couple gets adequate amounts of space to sleep without a hassle.

The one who is single can have all of its 76 inches, and there’s nobody to complain about it. Also, if you are about 6-feet tall, you’re getting additional 8 inches of space, thankfully.

Some Modified King Size bed

According to the requirements of the people, the king-size bed has gone through modifications into two different sizes. Let’s have a quick look:

  • Split King Bed Size

Those who prefer to sleep in partitions can definitely select this kind of bed. Each of the partners can have a 38 inches wide-area for sleeping.

These identical beds enable you to sleep without any interruption from your partner’s end.

Some of the beds equip no partition in the middle. The bottom part of the mattress is joined together, while the top is split into two parts.

Since it’s a user-defined creation, the types of beds can vary from one to another.

  • California King Size Bed

Next up is the modified California King bed that is ideal for you, your partner, children, and pets for its extra increase in length. Usually, it’s used in a room of 12 by 12 feet to make sure you have a sufficient amount of space.

The length of the bed is around 84 inches, but the width is decreased down to 72 inches in this type of bed. For the reduction in the width, each of the partners can have nearly 36 inches of space to sleep, which is less than 2 inches of a twin-sized bed.

Queen Size Bed

The queen follows the king, side by side. Oops! Not really side by side, but actually length by length. Confused? Alright, let us clear your doubts and explain what we meant.

Firstly, the queen bed equips a length of 80 inches, just like the king-size bed. But when it comes down to the width, there’s a 16 inches difference between the queen and king-sized bed.

The 60-inch wide queen-sized bed is admired by most of the people of the United States for using it in the master bedroom. You have a lot of space to turn and twist, even if your height is over 6-feet.

But if you’re wondering about using the particular bed with your pets and children, then you might end up with space issues.

The pricing of these beds is perfectly balanced for the amount of space you’re getting with it. Moreover, the accessories needed for the bed are available in most of the shops, making it user-friendly and versatile to reign on top of the tower.

Twin Size Bed

Within a limited space, the twin bed is the best choice for adults who want their privacy intact. This type of bed is also known as a single bed for its variety of use in a guest room, dorm room, most commonly in the bunk bed.

Grown-up toddlers can use this bed as well with adequate comfort. Also, as the name suggests, this twin bed can be ideal for no more than 2 persons at once.

For smaller apartments, a twin bed is a great addition for optimizing the space of the rooms and giving it a premium touch.

The lightweight frame with a simple setup in most beds can be moved around easily for its portability. Plus, the folding feature is added in some of the beds having wheels on them.

Finally, the dimensions of the twin beds are 38 by 75 inches (W×L). It’s ideal for those who regularly move from one place to another every single year. For the rearrangement of the room, the twin bed is suitable for getting things done quickly and easily.

Twin XL Size Bed

The name speaks for itself, the extra-large length of 80 inches makes the twin bed an upgrade for the adults who have the ability to have a larger bed, like the king size. Also, the width of these beds is around 38 inches, just like the regular twin beds.

In order to understand better while purchasing the bed, you should have proper knowledge of the dimensions. Because the most common mistake that many people make is that they mix the size of the bed with the mattresses.

The best way to identify the right one is to figure out the frame length between twin XL and twin size beds. Usually, the one which is extra-large is around 80 inches in length, which means a bit bigger than the twin-size beds.

Double Bed

Let us show you a standard size bed that’s known as a “double bed” or “full bed.” It’s quite adaptable to the economy along with its level of comfort. The length it gets is similar to the previous “twin bed,” which is 75 inches. But speaking of the width, this one comes in a size of 54 inches (16 inches wider than the twin bed).

This additional width gives privilege to the persons with companions or pets to sleep better. Plus, those who like more space in the bed for stretching and spreading can choose this bed without a second thought.

There’s an XL size of this particular bed available in the market, which has a length of 80 inches. The extra 5 inches of length is an advantage for the taller people who can use it to enhance the level of comfort.

The double XL bed offers a length of no less than 80 inches, making it similar to the king and queen size in terms of length. However, it’s smaller when it comes to width.

Crib Bed

Finally, we are presenting the ideal bed for your loving infant. The crib beds are designed for toddlers and children with a width of 28 inches and a length of 52 inches.

Now, before you buy this bed for your baby, note down some important facts:

  • The frame of the beds and the size maintain a standard. So, it doesn’t matter what mattresses you are buying because they will fit the frame anyways.
  • In order to prevent the crawling babies from falling down, the crib-bed has a higher railing than the toddler beds.

Tips: Many crib beds can be converted into toddler beds. Make sure you buy the one that you can convert while required. Thus, you can keep yourself away from spending extra dollars on buying different items.

Final Words

So, the write-up on bed size dimensions ends here. Don’t get confused by seeing so many different types of beds. Make sure you’re selecting the one depending on the number of your family members.

In a nutshell, the “king” always deserves the front position, especially if you’re living with your partner and loving infants.

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