How To Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable? Easy Mattress Hacks!

Owning an air mattress is all the rage these days, and for good reasons too. It’s chic, affordable, and bouncy. But for some mysterious reason, it is really difficult to make an air mattress comfy and soft to sleep on at night.

To help you sleep soundly at night, our “How to Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable?” guide here will take you through the steps that will allow you a goodnight’s sleep at the end of the day.

Don’t believe us yet? No problem. Just stick around with us till the very end you’ll thank us later.

In this article, we will highlight a few simple and very easy hacks and tricks on how you can make your air mattress comfier. You can follow these methods to solve your everyday struggles with an uncomfortable air mattress.

Before we start, we would like you to know that if you find your inflated air mattress uncomfortable, it is probably not because of the quality of the air mattress. Rather, it could be because of how you have been using the product.

So, read ahead to learn more about the best possible ways of using an air mattress to make it more comfortable and cozier as you desire it to be.

Easy Hacks To Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable

 There are many ways to make a plain air mattress more comfortable than it actually is. Below are a few of the most useful tricks and solutions that can be of great help.

  1. Placing the Air Mattress on a Softer and Warmer Surface

Do you ever have trouble sleeping on an air mattress on a chilly night because it being too cold? The reason is that the air mattress absorbs the low temperature from the cold wooden or tiled floor. The air inside it becomes cooler due to this, making the surface lose heat as well.

The solution for this is to place the mattress on a softer and warmer surface such as a carpet, mat, or rug. Moreover, placing the product on such surfaces will eliminate friction between the floor and the mattress itself, therefore preventing it from slipping as well.

Oh, and not to mention, the feeling of having your feet just sink into a soft and warm rug right after you wake up is just incomparable.

  1. Covering the Mattress with a Cover and Sheets

Sleeping directly on the rubber surface of the air mattress without putting any cover on it shouldn’t even be something you should opt for. Listen to our advice, and let go of your caveman ways. Instead, opt for covering the product with either a warm sheet or cover.

Placing a mattress cover and a bed sheet will help regulate the temperature of the air mattress, and also put extra volume and bounce to the surface where you will be sleeping on.

Furthermore, it will also ensure that you do not have to sleep on a rough surface with discomfort and disturbance. It doesn’t get comfier than this!

We personally think decorating your mattress with soft linen or 100 percent cotton sheets and the cover is the best way to make an air mattress more comfortable. Like, come on, how can a soft, floral cover NOT make you feel relaxed?

  1. Elevate the Height of the Mattress from the Ground

Another easy way to make your air mattress ten times comfier is to elevate it at least by 3 inches or more from the ground. This method also helps regulate the heat throughout the mattress, as it won’t have direct contact with either the cold or hot floor (that is, during different weather occasions).

  1. Put a Topper on the Mattress

Toppers are like an extra fluffy cushion surface to put on an air mattress. A mattress topper enhances the overall quality of an air mattress in terms of providing comfort.

Moreover, coupling a topper with a cover and sheet will make it even more pleasing and comfy to lie on, so there’s no reason for you to not go for such a combo.

  1. Place a Box Spring Below the Air Mattress

Right now, if you are considering elevating the height of your air mattress and can’t think of a better way to do it, then a box spring might be just what could help you out.

Such a product is very convenient, as it greatly increases the bounce in your air mattress, thanks to the springy-ness it provides.

At the same time, it’ll also elevate the mattress, so you’ll technically be killing two birds with one stone here!

  1. Frequent and Regular Inflation

Now onto the basic routine, you need to follow when it comes to owning an air mattress. We cannot stress enough about how important frequently inflating such a product can be in the long run!

For obvious reasons, an air mattress will lose a substantial amount of air in small amounts every day. Due to this, the product can easily develop bubbles or bumps here and there, so it is crucial for you to inflate the mattress regularly to get rid of such anomalies.

  1. Maintain the Air Quantity While Inflating

That being said, you shouldn’t pump a huge amount of air into an air mattress just because it seems unleveled. In fact, you can actually damage the product if you pump a whole lot of air into it.

Just to stay on the safe side, treat your air mattress like a balloon. Inflate till you think it is enough, and then stop. Simple as that.

  1. Attach the Air Mattress to a Headboard

We would suggest you either build or directly purchase a headboard to give a product this airy a bit of leverage. This will allow you to enjoy the perks of an air mattress to its full degree without having to worry about things feeling “quite off” while sleeping.

However, if your air mattress is not compatible with a headboard of a specific size or material, an easy hack would be to opt for a wall as a makeshift board! Just place the mattress with its head against the wall, and voila! You’ve got yourself a simple, versatile, and easy to move around the bed.

  1. Use Comfortable Pillows

Seriously, this last technique should be a no-brainer for you guys by now. One of the easiest ways to make an air mattress, or any bedding for this matter, is to throw a whole lot of comfy pillows on it.

Nothing beats snuggling up to a bunch of soft, cozy cushions and pillows at night. Couple that with the softness and bounce of an air mattress, and you will get yourself a bed that everyone will envy.

Final Words

So, do you know how to make an air mattress more comfortable? We bet you do by now! If this article didn’t help you cope with your air mattress issues, then we don’t know what will.

But in all seriousness, just go with what we have summed up here for you, and we can ensure that you will only be sleeping sound and cozy every night.

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