The Best Air Mattress Built In Pump [Expert Recommended]

How many times has the extreme noise from air pumps discouraged you from enjoying a fun air mattress? We certainly always dreaded camp nights because these products were either cheaply made or simply did not have enough power.

But we judged them wrong because the best air mattress built-in pump can actually do a lot! It can inflate large or small-sized mattresses in a matter of minutes, that too without making a ruckus! But of course, you need to know which brands and models to look for.

Luckily, we did our research and found comparable pumps that are efficient, noise-proof, and time-saving. And you can read all about them below.


How Does Mattress Pump Work?

There are multiple ways to inflate your air mattress. Mainly, there are two types of pumps that are used: Hand air pumps and Electric air pumps.

  • Hand Air Pump

This sort of pump consists of a piston inside and two one-way valves. When you pull the pump upwards, the pressure inside the pump decreases, resulting in the inlet valves shutting. Sequentially, the outlet valve/the valve to the inflatable opens, causing air to enter inside it.

  • Electric air pump

These work similarly to any other pump but only differ in terms of power source. That means that electric air pumps are powered by electric sources such as power ports or batteries.

The electricity mainly produces a vacuum suction that traps air from the atmosphere. This air is then compressed and pushed into the required object.

Top Rated The Best Air Mattress Built In Pump In January 2022 [Recommended]

Searching and pondering over the thousands of air pumps to find the best one can be stressful. Thus, we have tried and tested the popular air pumps available on the market and brought you the best ones to choose from.

Intex Double Quick III S Hand Pump

EnerPlex Dual Pump Luxury Queen Size Air Mattress Airbed with Built in Pump Raised Double High Queen Blow Up Bed for Home Camping Travel

Intex brings you one of its famous manual hand pumps to provide you utter comfort. This air pump features soundless technology with the comfort of power-less usage. Moreover, usage instructions are self-explanatory, and the pumps themselves come with the option for deflation.

This specific model weighs about 1.8 pounds; hence you can carry it around quite easily. Additionally, it’s equipped with three nozzles, perfect to pump air into air beds and other inflatables. To use it, you just have to simply connect one of the nozzles to your inflatable’s valve and then push and pull the level up and down.

Furthermore, this kind of product offers you independence from batteries, and they are also not electricity-driven. Thus, it becomes the perfect option to grab when camping or planning outdoor activities. Not only that, this offers soundless air pumping even if you are inflating a mattress at the dead of the night.

  • Portable
  • Has both inflating and deflating options
  • Very user-friendly
  • Soundless
  • Huge in size

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you are looking for an air pump that can inflate air mattresses with almost zero noise and feature a deflating option, consider this air pump model from Intex.

AGPtEK Portable Quick-Fill Air Pump

SoundAsleep Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump - Queen Size

This wonder of a product might seem tiny; in fact, it is as small as 14.4 ounces. But it definitely does not lack in terms of features. It is an AC/DC pump that comes both with an AC adapter and a car adapter. That allows you to use the air pump from your car or a power port directly.

With this facility, you will have to worry about one less accessory to purchase along with your air pump. The AC adapter comes with a 4.4 feet long cord, while the DC cord comes with a longer one, precisely 6.56 feet. Along the cord length comes three nozzles with a diameter of 0.23 inches, 0.66 inches, and 0.9 inches.

Apart from these, the pump also features a deflating option. This option is helpful when you’re in a hurry and have to pack up your mattress.

  • Features both AC/DC adapters
  • Equipped with three nozzles
  • Weighs very little
  • Long power cord
  • Not compatible with inflating high-pressure products

Why Should You Buy This Product?

The AGPtEK pump is ideal for consumers who love to travel and require a product that can be used easily and is compact and lightweight.

Coleman QuickPump

This is yet another wonder that’s a great bargain for its price tag. The Coleman quick pump is one of the more affordable options when you look into electric ones. Moreover, its quality is more than justified for its price and performs exactly how you want it to.

Besides, the pumps themselves weigh only about 1.48lbs, which ranges in lighter than many of the pumps available out there. Even so, its lightness might throw you off regarding its quality.

But don’t worry! Its small enough component comes with a maximum power rating of 15 PSI and is undoubtedly capable of inflating air into most inflatables.

Not to mention, this pump also comes with the comfort of deflation and various plug options. Thus, pumping air out and plugging it into accessible sources will be a breeze. Plus, this model comes in different plug options with dependable prices, making it obtainable.

  • Lightweight and compact
  • Features both inflation and deflation
  • Can be powered by any 12V outlet
  • Affordable price
  • Does not contain additional nozzle storage

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This electric pump features the primary attributes at a very reasonable and approachable price along with a good quality component.

Intex Air Quick-Fill Pump

Are you looking for a battery-operated air pump for your air mattress? Then look no further. Intex yet again brings you an outstanding model from their elaborate collection. The air pump is also compatible with 120V DC power and 110V AC power supply, making it accessible for regular use.

It only requires 6 C batteries to operate and comes equipped with three assorted nozzles to fit valves on most inflatables. In addition to that, this pump can also deflate inflatables by sucking out all the air from them. And, of course, it can inflate effortlessly.

The small and compact packaging makes it extremely handy and portable to carry it around. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, it will be convenient to use and has self-explanatory functions.

  • Runs on 6 C batteries
  • Extremely light and compact
  • Fast inflation
  • Comes with different nozzles
  • Does not work on high-pressure inflatables

Why Should You Buy This Product?

It is a small but mighty air pump that offers maximum airflow and works cordless—ideal for situations where there is no power source but batteries.

Etekcity Electric Rechargeable Air Pump

Planning to go on camping, but don’t have electric sockets nearby? Don’t fear when you can have rechargeable air pumps! Etekcity offers one of the best air mattress built-in pumps for camping from its extensive lineups that can save you if you have no access to electrical outlets nearby.

Its rechargeable model comes with multiple nozzles to fit one of your required ones and also a deflation option to make pumping out air easy for you.

Moreover, its speedy performance and portable component make it ideal for a wide range of uses anywhere you need. Hence, saving you get more time to have fun and relax instead of stressing over pumping your mattress for a time that seems never-ending.

Its cordless component is also said to be a lot quieter than other ones available on the market. Thus, being a less noise polluting product that simultaneously offers excellent performance.

  • Cordless
  • Does not require battery power
  • Variety of nozzles
  • Easy to use
  • Does not hold a charge for a long time

Why Should You Buy This Product?

In simple terms, this model is great for camping trips and situations where a power source is not accessible.

Smart Air Beds A/C Electrical Air Bed Pump

Englander First Ever Microfiber Queen Air Mattress, Luxury Microfiber airbed with Built in Pump, Highest End Blow Up Bed, Inflatable Air Mattresses for Guests Home Travel (Black)

Do you want to upgrade to a better and stronger air pump? Seek no further! The air bed pump from smart air beds is the perfect solution available for that. Even if you are looking for one to buy for the first time, this surely won’t disappoint you.

Firstly, the pump consists of three interconnecting nozzles that can be easily detached when you need to. With this air pump, inflating multiple inflatables will be a hassle-free job to take care of.

It is an AC pump that is compatible with 110-120V power. Besides, it is quieter than most of the other air pumps. Thus, pumping air even in the middle of the night won’t be a problem for you!

But less noise definitely doesn’t mean it lacks in power. In this case, the pump offers both high power and lesser noise pollution at the same time.

Best of all, this model comes certified from ETL and CSA and conforms to UL standards. So, if you are worried about safety measures, rest your worries with this piece of wonder.

  • Conforms with safety standards
  • Hassle-free maintenance
  • Certified product
  • Produces less noise
  • Not applicable for lengthy pumping sessions

Why Should You Buy This Product?

For anyone looking for a safe yet efficient pump to inflate your air mattress or other inflatables, this air pump definitely tops any other option.

Etekcity Electric Air Pump

Lazery Sleep Air Mattress - Raised Electric Airbed with Built in Pump & Carry Bag - Fast Inflation, LED Remote Control & 7 Firmness Settings -Queen Matress 76" x 58" x 17"- Blowup Matresses

Yet again, this is an all-time favorite model of air pump from Etekcity’s vast lineup. Although, this time, the model in question is power-driven and comes with a cord. The AC pumps come with three nozzles to fit the valves of almost any inflatables of your requirement.

To use it, you just have to attach one of the inflation ports that fit into your mattress and plug its power cord into an accessible outlet to reveal its magic. It is as easy as it sounds. Moreover, this model too comes with a deflation option.

Similarly, if you want to deflate, repeat the process you would have followed to inflate; but this time, use the deflation port instead. This air pump and its performance is definitely worth for its price tag and its popularity among many.

  • Inflates at a fast rate
  • Affordable
  • Can inflate and also deflate
  • User-friendly
  • Doesn’t produce much pressure

Why Should You Buy This Product?

In conclusion, it is an excellent value for its price and performance. Plus, it is admired by a lot of consumers. However, it isn’t among the cheapest air pumps available out in the market.

Intex Quick-Fill DC Electric Air Pump

King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump - Best Inflatable Airbed Queen Size - Elevated Raised Air Mattress Quilt Top 1-Year Manufacturer Guarantee Included

Another one from the Intex line is the quick-fill DC electric air pump. It is namely a car-powered electric device that is easily accessible without additional power sources.

This air pump is, yet again, small enough to fit in your hand. But definitely mighty when compared to its size. Moreover, it is specially designed in an aerodynamic and sleek form to ensure inflation at the fastest rate possible. Plus, the pump is ideal for inflating larger inflatables in no time.

The pump consists of a 12V DC power plug that you can simply connect to your car and begin using. It is as easy as that! Not to forget that all Intex pumps, including this one, are perfectly compatible with Intex air mattresses.

On top of that, the pump comes with three interconnecting nozzles to fit multiple valves on inflatables.

  • Small in size
  • Inflates at a fast rate
  • Comes with a 12V DC adapter
  • Versatile product
  • Does not have any AC adapters to use

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This beast might be small in size but does not lack when it comes to performance. It is a car-powered 12V DC air pump that can inflate large objects rapidly.

Hiccapop Electric Air Pump

Have you ever tried blowing air into a hollow place and felt like your lungs were going to explode? Not anymore! With the new electric air pump from Hiccapop, forget about the slow air pumping process. This specific one is 70% faster than any leading electric pump out there. Yes, you heard it right!

Not only is it 70% faster but also more compact and sleekly designed compared to other ones on the market. Its compact size makes it easier to store and carry it around more conveniently. Moreover, the pump comes with a 6 ft. cord, which is more than the average cord length you will need.

It is pretty easy to use, just like any other electric pump. On the plus side, it isn’t even that loud compared to other electric ones. This one, too, comes with three nozzle heads and has attachments with it.

  • The electric pump is faster than others
  • Smaller than others in size
  • 6 ft long cord
  • Compatible with all inflatable brands
  • Might overheat when used for a long time

Why Should You Buy This Product?

If you need both speed and compact size and require a pump that can inflate any product in the fastest time, this is a must-have for you.

Intex Quick-Fill Battery Air Pump

Thomasville Lumbar Lift Express Tri-Zone Support Raised Air Bed Mattress with Express Pump, 12" Queen

One of the extraordinaire from the Intex selection has to be the quick-fill battery air pump. As the name suggests, the pump only needs 6 C batteries to operate and function flawlessly.

Moreover, this quality makes it exemplary for you to take it on camping, hikes, road trips, and anywhere you need it to be. Without an external power source, this pump performs faultlessly. Plus, the airflow of it is 24% more than its previous models.

Furthermore, you can inflate your air mattresses effortlessly and deflate the air out of them when you need to. Needless to say, that it is both fast and efficient. The pump also comes with three interconnecting nozzles to fit into the valves of multiple inflatables.

  • Faster inflation than the previous model
  • Both inflation and deflation can be done
  • Has interconnecting nozzles
  • Compatible with same brand mattresses
  • Power source depends on battery life

Why Should You Buy This Product?

You should definitely get your hands on it if you are looking for something small and compact that can get your work done in minimum time. Needless to say, this is the best battery-powered air mattress pump.

YAGU Air Mattress Pump

SoundAsleep Products SoundAsleep CloudNine Series Queen Air Mattress with Dual Smart Pump Technology (Blue Top/Beige Body, Queen)

On the affordable end, this air pump ranges at a reasonable price. Yagu’squick-fill air pump indeed stands true to its commitment to fast inflation and high performance in reality.

How is such a high-quality product available at this cheap price point, you ask? It is because they manufacture all their electric components with copper wire. Which, in return, also improves stability and product quality and reduces power loss.

This pump, too, includes three interconnecting nozzles for easy inflation of multiple inflatables. It also features a deflation option to help you pump out the air from your air mattress, or otherwise, anytime you want.

Furthermore, it is compatible with both outdoors and indoors faultlessly. Especially if you are camping or on a hike, its AC and DC power supply option will be beneficial in that case. Plus, it is built in a compact and neat component that can save you space and be easy to carry around.

  • Cheaper price point
  • High performance
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Multi-purpose
  • Lengthy uses are not advised

Why Should You Purchase This Product?

This can definitely make it to your cut if you are looking for something worth high value but at an affordable price.

FiveJoy Electric Air Pump

Are you waiting for your pump to inflate a large object, but it is taking ages instead? Fear not when you can have the quick-fill air pump from Fivejoy! It is a durable, lightweight, and portable piece of wonder that can pump up air into your gigantic inflatables in a matter of a few minutes.

This one is suitable for not only multiple purposes but also multiple seasons as well. Whether you want to inflate a summertime floaty or a snow tube in the winter, needless to say, this air pump can offer you service all around the year.

However, we advise letting it rest for a few minutes in between 10-minute long sessions of use. Thus, taking standard measures of care while using will help the item last long. Plus, this, too, comes with three interconnecting nozzle adapters to fit most of the valve sizes.

  • Produces high power
  • Compatible with larger inflatables
  • Does not take long
  • Easily managed
  • Requires rest time in between lengthy sessions of use

Why Should You Buy This Product?

Look no further than this if you need an air pump that can easily blow up larger inflatables and require lesser time. According to many, this is the best air pump for mattresses available out there.

KERUITA Electric Air Pump

EZ INFLATE Double High Luxury Twin Air Mattress with Built in Pump, Inflatable Mattress, Twin airbed with Flocked top, All Purpose Twin Blow up Bed, Home Camping Travel

Are you in search of a pump that can inflate high-pressure mattresses? Here’s where you can find one.

This pump not only supports inflatables at high pressure but also simultaneously offers a superior-quality performance all throughout. Plus, it ensures to pump air in inflatables in half the time compared to traditional air pumps.

It is ideal for anyone on the lookout for a fast and efficient way to pump air. Like most other pumps, this too comes equipped with three nozzles to enable you to both inflate and deflate air into a mattress or other floaties.

The pump is signified as a great worth and value and enjoyed by consumers for its high performance over time. Moreover, this pump’s function and attributes make it compatible to be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Two ways the electric pump
  • Inflates very rapidly
  • Offers different types of nozzles
  • Supports high-pressure inflatables
  • Can overheat when used for a long time

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This is a high-pressure compatible pump that can work on larger floaties and performs remarkably for its price tag.

ONG NAMO Electric Air Pump

ONG NAMO Electric Air Pump for Inflatables, Portable Quick Air Pump with 3 Nozzles for Air Mattresses Beds Boats Swimming Ring Inflatable Pool Toys 110 V AC/12V DC (50W)

When compared to manual pumps, this model’s performance is remarkably outstanding. It is ideal to be used in outdoor activities and is significantly easy to use. Moreover, this is a high-power pump with its maximum pressure rounding up at 0.58 PSI.

Its quick air inflater comes with three nozzles to fit seamlessly on almost every inflatable available. Furthermore, its inflation and deflation rate are comparable to many of the high-end air pumps out there. It is indeed small in size but mighty in performance.

Not to mention, the pump is extremely light and portable to carry around with you; whether you are camping in the wilderness or going on a hike, this one will undoubtedly make it a breeze. Plus, the component is designed to make less noise disturbance.

  • Has three nozzles
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Seamless fitting
  • Contains inflation and deflation function
  • Does not work well for high-pressure inflatables

Why Should You Buy This Product?

This is a perfect little summertime tool for you if you require a pump that’s noiseless, compatible with multiple valve sizes, has a low noise feature and offers fast inflation.

5 Things You Should Know Before Choose The Right Air Mattress Pump?

If you are lost in a sea of air mattress pumps that are available on the market or online, then here are a few of the things to keep in mind to make the correct choice.

  1. Brand

If the air mattress brand that you have also produced air pumps, it will be most convenient for you to buy that specific one. Unlike different branded pumps, the same branded ones are much more compatible and less prone to errors.

In most cases, brands do offer air pumps that are suitable for your model of the air mattress. Moreover, it saves you from the hassle of variation in your air pump nozzle and air mattress valve. Plus, it eliminates the stress of air loss and connectivity issues.

  1. Options for Inflation and Deflation

Usually, most air mattress pumps come with an inflation and deflation option. But it’s crucial to confirm whether you do, too, before purchasing one.

If your pump does not come with a deflation option, it will be a significant inconvenience for you to try to push all the air out of your mattress. Although it is a standard feature, confirm its presence on your product before deciding on it.

  1. Noise Level

Generally, air pumps that are electricity driven make a significant amount of noise. The noise is equivalent to the noise from a hand-held vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer. This might be a great matter of concern for you if you have a lower tolerance to noise.

If you are pumping your mattress during the day or outdoors, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal. However, this could be a significant issue for you when pumping air at night or indoors. Thus, pay close attention to the noise level of your air pump before purchasing it.

  1. Valve Fittings

Be stress-free if you plan to buy the same branded air pump and mattress, as its compatibility won’t be an issue for you. Most brand air pumps support their congruent air mattresses effortlessly.

However, if you are looking into buying different branded pumps and mattresses, the safest option would be to get a pump model with several universal valve nozzles. Moreover, it can be used to serve both an air bed and other inflatable products.

  1. Cord Length

If you opt for AC or DC air pumps, make sure to double-check the cord length before choosing a specific one. To confirm that the mentioned cord length is sufficient for your needs and not too less.

Usually, the average length of cord that comes on most air pumps is ideal when used indoors. They range from 6-9 ft, which is enough when you are close to a power source. However, if you plan to use it occasionally in camping situations, you may want to look for a pump with a longer cord length.

FAQs on The Best Air Mattress Built In Pump

  1. Are air mattress pumps universal?

The universality of your air mattress pump depends on the type of valve fitted onto it. Air mattresses usually require a specific type of air pump, unlike most inflatable products that use the same sort. In the end, it all relies on the one you choose according to your preferences.

  1. Can you put water in an air mattress?

Unlike air, water isn’t compressible. Thus, not being a suitable component to be pumped into an air mattress. Moreover, water is heavier than air, making the mattress’s edges likely to be ripped apart. Go for a waterbed mattress instead of an air mattress to get the experience you wish for.

  1. Are mattress pumps expensive?

Air mattress pump prices are comparatively affordable. Even so, the price ranges may vary upon its brand, quality, and size. But we’d advise you to look into the product quality than its price tag.

  1. Is sleeping on an air mattress harmful for your body?

This majorly depends on your usage and the proper amount of air in your mattress. Since these don’t provide as much support to your back, continuous use might cause you back problems, muscle aches, and posture issues.

  1. How long does an average air mattress last?

10 to 15 years. Generally, good quality air mattresses last a long time compared to cheaper ones. If you plan to make your purchase long-lasting, be sure of its quality.

Final Words: Best Air Mattress Built In Pump

Whether you have someone sleepover at your place or you go camping frequently, air mattresses can serve you great use. It is a functional and convenient invention to get your due sleep regardless of the place you’re in.

However, pumping one can definitely be seen as cumbersome and problematic. But indeed, not with one of the best air mattress pumps available, which can both fit your need and is also foolproof. Make your life a lot easier by grabbing pumps like the Intex Double Quick III or any model from Etekcity.

In fact, pick any from our elaborated top finds, and observe how air mattresses turn into your best friend for sudden and unfavorable sleeping circumstances.

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